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Expedia Group Interview Experience for SDE Intern (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 29 May, 2021
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Online Test (On HackerRank)-

1. String encoding with the count of frequency of characters.

2. Converting the date shown from one pattern to another.

3. 6 MCQs on DSA.

1st round(Video Interview on HireVue, Technical)-

1. Given a vector of strings and the strings are containing digits from 0 to 9. Extract the numbers present in those strings, represented by the digits.

2. Find the total number of possible ways to reach the n(th) stair by climbing 1 or 2 stairs at a time, from the ground level.

2nd round(Video Interview on HireVue, Technical)-

1. Design a mobile app to display the details of available tourist spots in any city(System Design – Low Level Designing).

2. You have given a price list of some tourist activities and some amount of money. You need to return an array containing the expenditure done on the activities and the remaining amount, while choosing the most expensive activity under the budget.

3rd(Final) round(Video Interview on BlueJeans, Behavioral)-

1. Formal introduction

2. Project discussion

3. Typical HR questions for team work abilities and personality judgement.

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