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Expedia Group Internship Interview Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2021

There were four rounds.

Online Assessment:

  1. 3 or 4 (can’t recall exact count) coding questions (easy to medium)
  2. Around 10 MCQs based on data structures, algorithms, programming language and computer science topics (easy to medium).  

Those who solved all questions were shortlisted for an interview.  

After the coding assessment, there were two back to back technical interviews.

First Technical Interview: 2 Coding Questions were asked and 1 puzzle.

  1. One of the coding questions was staircase problem can’t recall another one. 
  2. The puzzle was hard(for me). I was able to solve both coding questions successfully and we discussed the puzzle for around 15 minutes.

Second Technical Interview: This round was more about object-oriented design.

  1.  The interviewer asked 2 design-based questions and in the end, he asked me to code a simple implementation-based coding question, and he also checked the output. For the design question, we discussed the for about 30 to  35 minutes.
  2. Coding questions topics – Binary search, Dynamic Programming and Implementation.

After a few days of the interview, I got mail that I am shortlisted for a Behavioral Interview.

Behavioral Interview: This interview was mainly based on projects as it was taken by someone who works with tech. teams.

  1. I was asked about 2 projects which I mentioned on my CV in detail, also asked about college life experience, how you started/learn coding? etc.
  2. All 3 interviewers were very supportive. Each interview started with a short interview from both sides. And at the end of each interview, I was asked if you have any question.

After one week of the behavioral interview, I got WhatsApp call from HR that I got selected.

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