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Exl services Interview Experience for Business Analyst

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  • Last Updated : 14 Nov, 2022
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EXL services are the world’s top leading company in analytics, with a mindful crowd of people all over the world. Exl services came to our campus in the month of November. The interview is held within 15 days and consists of the following three rounds:

Round 1: This round was an online aptitude test where 40 questions were asked and we have to do those questions within 60 minutes, the question paper was divided into three sections as follows:

  •  Questions of logical reasoning were asked, and the level was easy to moderate.
  • 10 questions of verbal reasoning were asked, and the level was easy.
  • 20 questions of quants were asked, and the level was moderate to hard (it might depend on person to person, my suggestion is to attempt this section first as it was the most time taking section, and attempting it later would lead to panic).

This was the end of round one, out of 200+ students nearly 80 got selected for the second round of interviews.

Round 2: This one was a technical interview.

  •  The interviewer first asked for a general introduction about me, my projects as well as my hobbies. 
  • I told him that I have an interest in geopolitics so by using this fact he constructed a guesstimate to estimate the amount of rice exported to Afghanistan by India in one fiscal year. I was only able to solve half of this guesstimate. 
  • The interviewer then asked me to guess the number of people who travel by metro every day in Lucknow (as I belong to Lucknow). After this two-guesstimate interviewer asked me to solve a puzzle as follows:
  • You have a full bucket containing 24 liters of liquid. You also have three empty buckets: one of 5 liters, one of 11 liters, and one of 13 liters. How could you divide the 24 liters of liquid into three equal parts, so that you have three buckets containing 8 liters each?
  • Then there were some resume-based questions like what work did I do in the college society and what I like to do in my spare time. This is what he asked me in the technical interview.

Round 3: After those two rounds I qualified in HR round where he asked me why I wanted to switch an analytical profile from the core, he then asked me about the probability of getting all heads when we toss three unbiased coins. He further asked me to solve a question of finding the average marks of students if the sum of those marks is given. He then gave me questions related to statistics which I was unable to solve. He then asked some HR-based questions as follows:

  • Any instance where I faced problems by working in a team.
  • About my family background.
  • About my strengths as well as weaknesses.

After this interviewer ended my interview, the next day the results of the interview came out, and unfortunately, my name wasn’t there on the list. 

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