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EXL Analytics Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 20 Sep, 2017
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1st Round (Conducted by Cocubes):-
There were three Section(English 10 questions, Reasoning 10 questions, Aptitude 20 questions) and 45 minutes.
Sectional Cutoff is there for each section.
In English Comprehension,paragraph,synonyms,antonyms rearrangements,etc.
In Reasoning Puzzle,Figure problem, Matrix, Syllogism(Most Important), etc.
In Aptitude Train Problem,Ratio,Data Interpretation(Most Important), Ages , Profit & Loss, Probability(Most Important), etc.

2nd Round and 3rd Round(Two Technical interview):-

1.Tell me about yourself.
2.He is going through my Resume and asked for my favourite Language (C,C++,Java,Python).
3.He asked 4 to 5 question from Java. One of question was make Calculator using Java (He told write code and explain it).
4.He will asked multiple question which you mentioned on your resume.
5.Tell me about your project(Project I mentioned on my Resume).
6.He asked multiple questions from Project.
7.What is Normalization, 1st,2nd,3rd NF to explain.
8.What is Join. Write SQL Command using AND and OR Operation.
9.Why to join EXL.
10.Why you are interested towards EXL.
11.One puzzle problem he has given to me to solve Using arithmetic operation form 24 using 8 8 3 3.
12.For Second puzzle he has given me extra time.

4th Round(HR Interview)

1.Tell me about yourself
2.How you are feeling now!!!!.
3.Why you haven’t shave your beard.
4.He has given one puzzle problem and given few minutes for that puzzle.
5.Elaborate this room within 30 seconds and he was checking my English Vocab and Way of Fluency of my answer.

After listening my answer he explained my errors.
6.Why to join EXL.
7.He asked for my Hobby.I was interested in Sports So i explain as much i know in 5 to 7 minutes.
8.Few questions were there related to Sports.

9.In Last he asked Any questions from me.

That’s all from me After 2 hrs result has been announced and I selected for EXL. I think most difficult round was 1st round because there are many student sitting for this and much Competition is there for written round. Be Cool and Use your own mind not to waste time in large question solve small questions rapidly and concentrate on your own test not others.

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