Exam Pattern for INFYTQ Screening Test

Infosys Certification Program, commonly referred to as InfyTQ, is a 3-hour exam to test your industry-readiness. It challenges your knowledge in the field of Python Programming and Databases. But, unlike last year, there will be 3 stages in this process.

Screening Test Pattern

Screening test is expected to start from 19th Feb 2020. It will be a web-proctured online examination and the student has to clear this to attend the actual certification process.

In this test, you can expect 40 MCQs. 20 of these will be based on Python or Java, 10 on DBMS and 10 on aptitude. Students can choose either Java or Python while selecting the date for screening test. However, same language has to be used for the certification process too if student clears the screening.

There will be a negative marking of 0.25 for every wrong answer.

There will NOT be multiple attempts for screening. Only one attempt is allowed.

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