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Monthly Hiring Challenge by GFG.

21 April

Job-A-Thon 32 Hiring Challenge

150 Minutes
150 Minutes


GeeksforGeeks organizes monthly recruitment contests suitable for both newcomers (Freshers) and seasoned professionals. Participate in JOB-A-THON, a gateway to diverse career opportunities offered by numerous companies.

On the 21st of every month.
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Guidelines for Job-A-Thon Candidates

  • Job-A-Thon welcomes both Freshers and Experienced professionals, including final-year students and recent pass-outs with 0 years of experience.
  • To participate, register for the live Job-A-Thon event.
  • Your performance does not guarantee getting a call back from Companies.
  • The score of this contest will allow you to prioritize the jobs currently live on GFG Jobs portal that match your skills and qualifications. 
  • The contest covers questions on DSA, Programming Logic, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude.
  • Late entries post the contest closure will not be considered.
  • Only individual participation is allowed.
  • GeeksforGeeks reserves the right to disqualify participants for fraudulent actions.
  • In case of disputes regarding rankings and leaderboard, 'GeeksforGeeks' decision is final.
  • Interview shortlisting will be done by companies based on their criteria.

For Companies

  • If You are interested to hire through Job-a-Thon, Write to us at hire@geeksforgeeks.org and hire the best coders for your company!
  • Companies need to approach us at the beginning of the month.
  • The job descriptions need to be shared at the earliest. It should be detailed, with mention of Salary, Experience Level, Location, Roles and responsibilities, and Company website link.
  • As per the organization's request, the question paper will be shared in advance.
  • After the contest, a list of upto 30-50 suitable candidates will be shared with the organisation. i.e. - We will share the data of the top 30-50 candidates who performed well in the contest and registered for your company. After getting some update from your end the next batch of candidates will be shared.
  • We're expecting regular updates from the organization (capped for 5 working days.)


We are going live on Youtube immediately after each contest. GFG Mentors will be live streaming the video editorials and also solving your doubts.

Head to GFG Practice Youtube Channel