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A Canvas of Challenges to fuel your creativity. So save the date and let your innovation soar!


Welcome to our Hackathon, an event propelling us into the future! Join us in building innovative models and projects that not only showcase your technical prowess but also make a meaningful impact on society. Together, let's shape a better tomorrow through technology.

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  1. The allowed team size is between 1 to a maximum of 3 members. You can start making your team after registering for the contest.

  2. Make sure you join our Discord server! All official announcements and updates will be shared there.

  3. Theme 

    • Explore diverse and innovative themes within the Hackathon.

    • Along with the selected Theme, your Project must leverage data science/machine learning techniques. 

    • Besides the given umbrella themes, you can also choose to work on a related sub-theme.

  4. Use GitHub to collaborate with your team and ensure all code and documentation are added before submitting the project.

        5. Projects submitted to the hackathon must be original and developed after the start of the hackathon.


20 January

CodeVista Global EdTech Extension Challenge

05 December


06 October

World cup Wizard

15 August

EcoTech Hacks for Sustainable Tomorrow

01 July