Print “Even” or “Odd” without using conditional statement


Write a C/C++ program that accepts a number from the user and prints “Even” if the entered number is even and prints “Odd” if the number is odd. Your are not allowed to use any comparison (==, <, >..etc) or conditional (if, else, switch, ternary operator,..etc) statement.

Method 1
Below is a tricky code can be used to print “Even” or “Odd” accordingly.


using namespace std;

int main()
  char arr[2][5] = {"Even", "Odd"};
  int no;
  cout << "Enter a number: ";
  cin >> no;
  cout << arr[no%2];
  return 0;

Method 2
Below is another tricky code can be used to print “Even” or “Odd” accordingly. Thanks to student for suggesting this method.

int main()
    int no;
    printf("Enter a no: ");
    scanf("%d", &no);
    (no & 1 && printf("odd"))|| printf("even");
    return 0;

Please write comments if you find the above code incorrect, or find better ways to solve the same problem

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