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European Countries with their Currencies

Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2023
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In SSC, Banking, LIC, Railways, and other competitive exams, the General Awareness section plays an important role nowadays since it is a very scoring section. In this article, we will cover one of the topics of this section i.e “Countries and their Currencies”. This is a very easy topic and if students read it comprehensively they will score good marks and the possibility of their selection will increase.

Europe: An Introduction

  • Most of the richest countries in the world are in Europe such as Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, and Iceland to name a few which have some of the highest GDP per capita in the world.  Europe has the highest per capita GDP as a continent because many countries are economically strong, while the other continents have a large proportion of poor countries.  
  • The ancient Greeks divided the world into three main entities, Europe, Asia, and Libya. There are several theories as to how Europa got its name, but one of the most well-known legends is that in which Zeus kidnapped the Phoenician princess Europa. 
  • This period is known as the Upper Palaeolithic and it is believed that the first Europeans came from central and western Asia. Europeans also have the largest number of Neanderthals, confirming the theory that Neanderthals and modern humans intermixed from time to time. 
  • While Europeans can identify as Europeans, they also have their own country identity or even regional identity. Europe has some of the most diverse surviving cultures and traditions in the world. National pride is high in several European countries. 
  •  Every European country has its culture, and many wear different outfits on national holidays or big celebrations.

List of European Countries and their Currencies

Serial No.



1 Akrotiri and Dhekelia (UK) European euro
2 Aland Islands (Finland) European euro
3 Albania Albanian lek
4 Andorra European euro
5 Armenia Armenian dram
6 Austria European euro
7 Azerbaijan Azerbaijani manat
8 Belarus Belarusian ruble
9 Belgium European euro
10 Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina convertible mark 
11 Bulgaria Bulgarian lev
12 Croatia Croatian kuna
13 Cyprus European euro
14 Czechia Czech koruna 
15 Denmark Danish krone
16 Estonia European euro
17 Faroe Islands (Denmark) Faroese krona
18 Finland European euro
19 France European euro
20 Georgia Georgian lari 
21 Germany  European euro
22 Gibraltar (UK) Gibraltar pound
23 Greece  European euro
24 Guernsey (UK) Guernsey pound
25 Hungary Hungarian forint
26 Iceland  Icelandic krona
27 Ireland  European euro
28 Isle of Man (UK) Manx pound
29 Italy European euro
30 Jersey (UK) Jersey pound
31 Kosovo European euro
32 Latvia European euro
33 Liechtenstein  Swiss franc 
34 Lithuania European euro
35 Luxembourg European euro
36 Malta European euro
37 Moldova Moldovan leu 
38 Monaco European euro
39 Montenegro European euro
40 Netherlands European euro
41 North Macedonia Macedonian denar
42 Norway Norwegian krone
43 Poland Polish Zloty
44 Portugal European euro
45 Romania  Romanian leu
46 Russia Russian ruble
47 San Marino  European euro 
48 Serbia Serbian dinar
49 Slovakia European euro 
50 Slovenia European euro 
51 Spain European euro 
52 Svalbard and Jan Mayen (Norway) Norwegian krone
53 Sweden Swedish krona
54 Switzerland Swiss franc
55 Turkey Turkish lira
56 Ukraine  Ukrainian hryvnia
57 United Kingdom  Pound sterling
58 Vatican City European euro

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que1. What is the currency of Spain?
Ans. European euro

Que2. What is the currency of Ukraine?
Ans. Ukrainian hryvnia

Que3. What is the currency of San Marino?
Ans. European euro

Que4. What is the currency of Russia?
Ans. Russian ruble

Que5. What is the currency of Norway?
Ans. Norwegian krone

Que6. What is the currency of the United Kingdom 
Ans. Pound sterling

Que7. What is the currency of the Isle of Man (UK)?
Ans. Manx pound

Que8. What is the currency of Moldova?
Ans. Moldovan leu 

Que9. What is the currency of Luxembourg?
Ans. European euro

Que10. What is the currency of Vatican City?
Ans. European euro

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