Eunimart Interview Experience

Before starting writing my experience on this I want to tell you guys that this is one of the companies that I see working on cutting edge technologies. It is a company that focuses on cross-border e-commerce and they work on various domains to serve that theme.

The interview took place at our campus where they have done it in 3 phase process.

Round 1(Coding Round) :

It is a basic coding interview which a programming geek can pass easily. This was an online round and you need to focus on passing all the set edge cases for your question. Basically, their questions were on the following topics:

Data Structures – Arrays, Lists, Graphs, Trees

Dynamic Programming

Greedy Algorithms

Round 2(Technical Round):

They focused on your program solving skills most in the technical interview. But they also made sure that you would set their work environment and domains they work on.

The person interviewing me asked me the basic concepts of OS, DBMS, DS. As the programming language that I preferred was Python and they also needed the same so this interview was not so easy with that person.

At last, he asked and enquired me the roles and technical approaches of my projects that I listed down in my resume.

Be cool and confident while you answer their questions and do not panic in your explanation.

Round 3(HR Round):

The HR person was very cool and the questions were very basic where she expected me to explain about myself in a very pleasant way. She made sure that we are up to work in any situation upon needed times.


Finally, she explained to me the kind of work we are going to deal with and she congratulated me upon being selected to their company. I received the confirmation emails for onboarding in a short time. I want to tell you that if you are an ardent guy with a good computer science background and with needed skills, the company is open for you in its way.

Wish you Good Luck for all the aspirants of this company.

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