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Ethical Hacking – KeyLoggers

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 Keyloggers are many hackers and script kiddie’s favorite tools. Keylogging is a method that was first imagined back in the year 1983.  Around then, the utilization of this product was uncommon and just the top examination organizations and spies could get their hands on it, yet today, it is a typical element offered by most government operative applications like TheOneSpy. Individuals use it as an opportunity to guarantee the assurance of their families, organizations, and the ones they care about.

Keylogger is a software that records each and every keystroke you enter, including mouse clicks. Hardware keyloggers are also available which will be inserted between keyboard and CPU. It provides the following features:

  1. It takes a minute to install this software/hardware in the victim’s system, from the next second onwards attacker will get every activity going on in the victim computer.
  2. Each and every activity happening in the victim’s system with screenshots will be recorded. This activity will be saved in the victim’s system or it can be mailed to the attacker email or can be uploaded to the FTP server. Wondered? Let’s see how attackers do this along with protection techniques.
  3. Keylogging highlight of spy applications is adept at recording each and every keystroke made by utilizing a console, regardless of whether it is an on-screen console.
  4. It likewise takes a screen capture of the screen when the client is composing (Usually this screen capture is taken when a catch on the mouse is clicked).
  5. It works watchfully, escaped the client’s view, for example, the focused on the client could never discover that all his keystrokes are being recorded.
  6. Keyloggers recorder can record writings, email, and any information you compose at whatever point using your support.
  7. The log record made by the keyloggers would then have the option to be sent to a predefined gatherer.
  8. Some keyloggers tasks will likewise record any email that tends to your use and Web website URLs you visit.

Some software keyloggers code can capture additional information without requiring any keyboard key presses as input. They include:

  1. Clipboard logging: Anything duplicated to the clipboard is caught.
  2. Screen logging: Randomly coordinated screen captures of your PC are logged.
  3. Control text capture: The Windows API allows for programs to request the text value of some controls, it means a password can still be captured albeit it is behind a password mask.
  4. Activity tracking: Recording of which programs, folders, and windows are opened and also the screenshots of every.
  5. Recording of program queries, instant message conversations, FTP downloads alongside the other internet activities.

Types Of Keylogger

There are basically two types of Keyloggers:

  1. Hardware Keylogger: This is a thumb-size device. It records all the keystrokes you enter from the keyboard then saves it in its memory. Later this data will be analyzed. The drawback of this device is, It can’t record mouse clicks, can’t take screenshots, and even can’t email, more importantly, It requires physical access to the machine. Hardware Keylogger is advantageous because it’s not hooked into any software nor can it’s detected by any software.
  2. Software Keylogger: Software Keylogger can be installed in the victim’s system even if they use updated Antivirus. There are lots of software available in market which make a Keylogger undetectable by latest antivirus, we are going to study about them too in upcoming chapters. There are many keyloggers available in market with various features. Some examples of Software Keyloggers are:
    1. Revealer Keylogger
    2. Ardamax Keylogger
    3. WinSpy 
    4. Invisible Keylogger 
    5. Refog Keylogger 
    6. Activity Keylogger 
    7. Keystroke Keyloggers 
NOTE: Before purchasing any Keylogger make sure it has the following features:
             1. Undetectable by Antivirus.
             2. Remote Installation.
             3. Stealth mode.

What are the uses of a Keylogger?

Keylogger offers following uses to the user:

  1. Parental control: It’s a great way to track the activity of your children through Keylogger without getting caught. Likewise, you can get informed rapidly in regard to a specific page they got to on the web, their area, and numerous other fundamental things. Numerous guardians decide to control the perusing history of their children, with some extraordinary keyloggers.
  2. Security: If you need to be certain your staff is regarding the standards, at that point you can get a warning with respect to their exercises through a Keylogger. Along these lines, you get the chance to save them in a protected mode for the organization’s advantage.
  3. Partner exercises following: On the off chance that you sense things showing that your mate is undermining you; at that point, you can utilize a Keylogger for android phones that will empower you to realize what your companion is doing. Leave it alone over the web fueled projects (i.e., WhatsApp, Snapchat, looking in the versatile program, and so on.) or even on phone messages. So with everything taken into account, the Android Keylogger applications can assist you with following your life partner’s movement.

How your Computer gets a Keylogger?

A Keylogger is often installed on your computer in one of many ways. Anybody with access to your PC could introduce it; keyloggers could come as an area of a plague or from any application establishment, in spite of how misleadingly honest it’s getting the chance to look. This is a part of the rationale why you ought to always make certain that you’re downloading files from a trusted resource.

Most companies implant Keylogger software to send recorded data to a foreign location. This happens by using one of the following methods:

  1. Uploading the info to an internet site, database, or FTP server.
  2. Periodically emailing data to a predefined email address.
  3. Wirelessly transmitting information through a joined equipment framework.
  4. Software empowering far off login to your neighborhood machine.

How to Detect and Remove Keylogger?

There is a way to detect a Keylogger, though none are a catchall, so if you’ve got a reason to suspect your computer features a Keylogger, we recommend trying a variety of these tactics:

  1. Choose the best Antivirus, to detect a Keylogger on your system. There is some specific sort of AV dedicated for such scans.
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to check the task list on your computer. Examine the tasks running, and if you’re unacquainted any of them, look them abreast of an inquiry engine.
  3. Scan your hard disc for the foremost recent files stored. Look at the contents of any files that often update, as they could be logs.
  4. Use your system configuration utility to look at which programs are loaded at computer start-up. Access this list by typing “msconfig” into the run box.

Pros Of Keylogger

  1. Monitor Every Keystroke Made.
  2. Protect Confidential Information.
  3. Safety Concerns.

Cons Of Keylogger

  1. Zero Privacy.
  2. Release of Sensitive Information.
  3. Gives Keylogging Service Providers Free Reign.

Keyloggers Examples:

Here are the best Keyloggers that you can use in 2022 :

  1. Revealer Keylogger
  2. Spyrix Free Keylogger
  3. Elite Keylogger for Windows
  4. Best Free Keylogger
  5. KidLogger 


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Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2022
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