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Ernst & Young Global Limited Interview Experience for Technical Consulting 2021

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I am an undergraduate student pursuing my bachelor’s degree from Information Technology Branch. This is an On-campus drive.

Profile Offered: GDS Consulting WAM

Eligibility  Criteria : 

  • Bachelor’s degree in CS/IT or
  • 60% throughout the academic career
  • No Backlogs

Round 1(Online Examination): The Test pattern is:

Got the result of the test on the 1st of October,2021, And My Interview is on the 5th of October,2021.

Round 2(Video Interview): It is a video interview where you have to answer a few non-technical questions like :

  1. Give your Introduction
  2. Describe your Projects
  3. Learned any programing language- explain
  4. What do you know abt EY
  5. Will you opt for higher studies?
  6. What do you think of doing in the coming future?

These questions will be displayed on the screen and you’ve 2 mins to record your answer, you can also have the chance to re-record in case you want to change something but this choice is available for time use only. If there are any other instructions it was all mentioned in the Resume.

Round 3(Technical + HR Interview):

  • The Interviewer asked me to Introduce Myself.
  • He asked me a question related to SQL, i.e: Can you retrieve the maximum salary record from the Employee table.
  • List and tuple difference.
  • Explain Deadlock.
  • He asked questions related to my projects.
  • He asked average to medium level questions from aptitude part, from chapters like Time and Distance, Probability and Age.
  • He give me some pattern puzzles to solve.
  • Differences between C++ and Java (He is a Java Developer, My favorite Language is C++).
  • Any Questions.

Verdict: Selected.

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Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2021
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