eQ Technologic Interview Experience | On-Campus

eQ Technologic visited our college for campus hiring.

There were total 4 rounds:

It consist of one aptitude + coding round and three technical rounds.

Aptitude Round :  eQ took the test on amcat. It had around 14 logical questions to be solved in 14 minutes.

Coding Round : It consist of two coding questions followed by Aptitude round on the same platform.

There are 55 peoples are registered for the test. Out of which 20 were shortlisted for interview.

There were all technical rounds no HR round was taken.

Round 1: The interviewer went through my resume. He read my resume properly. Then asked me about projects which are mentioned in resume. He told me one project and asked about it in detail. After that he move on to some of OOP concept, some java concept. At end, he told me to design schema of one of project database.

Round 2: In this round, interviewer asked me to write one number pattern code. He saw my resume in that I mentioned that I also have experience of working on development of web application. So, he asked me more about that. At end, gave one cube painting problem to solve. 

Round 3: In this round, interviewer had written two questions on paper to solve. One was to design the schema of library management. And second was to write a modular code in any language which was simple.

After that result were announced, three peoples are selected and I was one of them.

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