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eQ Technologic Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 (Virtual)

  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2021

The eQ Technologic visited our college for campus hiring.


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  1. CGPA: 6.82+
  2. Branches allowed: all UG
  3. Positions: Software engineer, quality assurance

Sharing the experience of a friend who qualified for a Software engineer position.

Online Test: This round consists of 14 logical questions that are to be solved in 14 minutes. And 2 coding questions in 60 minutes. The exam was taken on the AMCAT platform. The logical questions consist of the odd one out, family relations, seating arrangement, number series, etc.

The coding questions were: 

  1. Given a number N, the task is to print all prime numbers less than or equal to N.
  2. Write a program to print the following pattern.
Sample Input:
Sample Output:

Questions were different for everyone, but mostly the difficulty was one easy and one medium question. This was an elimination round and shortlisted students were given the opportunity of a virtual interview.

Technical Interview Rounds: Students were informed that there can be 2-3 interview rounds.

Round 1: The interviewer asked for the basic introduction, which leads to the discussion of the internship which was mentioned. The internship was about web development, so the interviewer asked about different tags and their uses. Further OOPS concepts and what is object pooling. The difference in inheritance and composition. How are images stored in a database? Relationships between tables. Questions on the primary key, foreign key, and structured and unstructured databases. Explaining different data structures. Different OS questions like threads, semaphore, etc.

Round 2: For this round, students were sent a mail consisting of a coding question to be solved in 45 min. The interview consisted of explaining the code. What approach have we used? What is the modularity in code? Is there any better approach to the code?

The question was: Given month and year, print the calendar for it. (Similar to

My friend couldn’t get through this round. Suggesting to just be clear with the fundamentals and confident during the interviews. Hope this helps other students!

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