eQ Technologic Interview Experience 2019 | On-Campus

eQ Technologic visited our college for campus hiring. There were no eligibility criteria, so everyone could appear.

Coding Round and Logical Questions:

eQ took the test on amcat. It had around 14 logical questions to be solved in 14 minutes followed by 2 coding questions to be solved in 60 minutes.

Around 40 students were shortlisted for the technical interview. We were told that there will be no HR round. There will be 2-3 technical rounds.

Technical Interview Round – 1:

The interviewer went through my resume. He read my resume properly. Then, he asked me some questions about OOP. Questions were majorly related to topics such as abstract classes, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism. I was asked to write small codes on abstract class and interface. Then I was asked some questions about my projects. I was asked to explain my project in detail and also I was asked questions regarding a particular area in the project. He asked me some more questions related to my resume. Then, I was asked questions on DBMS such as to write SQL query (query might include sub-query, joins, etc) and design database for problem statement (problem statement was simple).  Then a few questions on DSA and was asked to write basic code for a linked list. A few questions were on predict the output ( small codes were printed on paper). It included topics like JAVA collections (I was asked if was familiar with JAVA collections) and JavaScript (I mentioned js in the resume and it was related to js used at the client-side with HTML). Then, I was asked if I had any questions.

This round lasted about an hour.

Technical Interview Round – 2:

In this round, I was again asked to explain my projects in brief and I was asked some questions regarding my project (Had different Interviewer in every round). Then, I was kinda given a case study where I had to suggest which data structure I will use to tackle the problem and why ?. I explained which data structure I will choose and how I will use it to solve the problem. The interviewer asked me to make some improvisations. Interviewer was expecting me to make the program as dynamic as I can so parameters are decided at run time.

This round lasted about 45 minutes.

Technical Interview Round – 3:

This was my final round. Here I was expected to solve two problems on paper. I had to make choices between the OOP program or c program and Database design or some complex queries. I chose OOP program and database design. Both the problem statements were printed and clear. For OOP problem I had to write a program on paper, question was related to the concept abstract class. For database design, I had to design the database on paper (normalization was expected) and then write a query for my database design. I was asked to some improvisations in the OOP program as well as database design.

This round lasted for more than an hour.

Overall I felt they focused majorly on OOP and Database. clear fundamentals were expected.

Finally, they selected 5 people. Thanks a lot to GeeksForGeeks,  It helped me a lot with my interview preparation.

Be Confident and don’t stress yourself out. All The Best !!

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