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EPAM Systems Hyderabad Interview of (2020 Graduates) for Junior Software Engineer

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  • Last Updated : 29 Jul, 2019
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Round 1:(Java Online Coding Challenge) 

This was an Online coding challenge on Java (150 mins). Webcam was mandatory to take this test. There were 3 questions: 1 easy, 1 medium and 1 difficult.  We could only go to the next question if we had submitted the previous one.

Question 1: The first question was a easy question where we should allocate the class pointers to the given function.It hardly takes a 15 minutes of time to complete the code.But the actual time was give for 45 minutes.But disappointingly  i forgot to place a pointer at certain point and the time was finished before i submitted the code.

Question 2: This was the medium question and this tag of ‘medium’ mislead me. The question was fairly easy which was to do some operations on the arrays and also to return a certain value by doing some operations on it.The time given was 50 minutes where i solved the problem in around 30 minutes of time.At first the code was accepted for only some test case but later after some changes it was accepted for all the test cases.

Question 3: I solved the hard question in 40 mins out of 1 hr allocated time and turned out that I took less time to solve this than the medium one. This was a problem based on longest palindromic sub sequence  and my intense practice of Dynamic Programming over past few months helped me pass all test cases with ease.

When the results are announced i was selected for the second round with a mark of 80 and was invited to write the EPAM second round at MLRIT, Dundigal on the day dated 22 July, 2019.Around 7 students from my college i.e G.Pullaiah College Of Engineering and Technology, Kurnool   are selected for the second round exam and around  5 students from GPREC, Kurnool. As i thought it will be a tough situation as me and  my friends as we should compete with the other 943 students who came to attend the second round exam.

Round 2:(JAVA Coding Challenge)

This round contained 11 MCQ questions of 20 marks based on JAVA, OOPS, C++, DBMS, Networking and Operating Systems. There were 2 more Java coding questions out of which one were medium and one hard. Overall time for this test was 2 hours. The medium level question was a little easy when i gone through the question thrice.The time limit given for the medium level question was 40 minutes. It takes easily 20 to 30 minutes to solve the question.The third question i.e hard level was to find the Maximum size square sub-matrix with all 1’s which it nearly killed me if i didn’t used the Dynamic Programming for it.The time given was of an hour and it took me approximately 50 minutes to solve the program.


I got marks of 91/100 where me and my friend who got 81/100 were selected for the further rounds as the cut of mark was from 61/100 so in a total of 150 students were selected from the total of 950 students who attended the second round of EPAM.From there the real challenge started as there were further 3 rounds of G.D, TR and HR rounds.

Round 3:(Group Discussion)

Next up was the Group Discussion Round. It was very interesting actually as we got the chance to know each other and made few friends after the round. We were given a situation of Plastic ban Economy VS Environment. The instructor just gave us 10 minutes time where 1 minute is for thinking and the 8 minutes for discussing about and last 1 minutes for the conclusion. My group consist of 8 members along with my friend in it.We had started to talk after 1 minuted and the discussion continued for a long time.Only 2 people were eliminated in this round as they didn’t speak about the topic much.So the remaining 6 members were asked to proceed to next round that is the Technical Round.


Round 4: (Technical Interview)

This was a grueling 30 mins to 40 mins interview session with only one member in the panel. As i was a fresher with no experience on the Technical Interview i was shivering like hell but i just relaxed a bit by thinking i can do.

Interviewer : Are you nervous?

Me : Yes sir ! As this is my first Technical Round.

Interviewer : Ok lets see your resume?

(I gave my resume to sir and he gone through it)

Interviewer : So you did a live project right ? Can you explain it?

Me : Yes sir . (And explained my project completely)

After listening to my project i thought that he was a little impressed as the expression in his face has changed a little for serious to normal.

Interviewer : So shall we go the Technical Round?

Me : Ok sir.

Interviewer : Can you explain why did you declare the variables as ch, i, j in your medium level code?

Me: Sir i think it is an improper way to represent the variables like that as we need to declare it in a decent manner in order for the better understanding but due to the time constraint i wanted to complete the code as soon as possible so in a hurry i declared like that.Sorry sir in the next time i will declare the variable names with a perfect meaning…

Interviewer : Can you say the time Complexity of the hard level code you did?

Me : Sir, the time complexity of the code will be O(2n^2+n)  as there are two nested loops for operation and one for loop for printing the values.

Interviewer : What is an abstract class  and where and how it is used?

Me : Explained the definition of it and along with an example.

Interviewer : What is inheritance?

Me:Explained in detailed with an example.

Interviewer :  What is an object and what the difference between reference and pointer?

Me : An Object is simply an instance of a class.In normal way we can say that it is the thing which we can touch and fell where as a class we can assume but cannot touch or sense it. the reference pointers are used to refer the object and explained with an example.

Interviewer : what is polymorphism?

Me:I just thought about it and explained a little bit of it and i said that i was poor in java as i was working on the different platform completely but i know the basics of java.

For some time the Interviewer  asked me a various questions on java and also asked to write code for Fibonacci series etc…

Interviewer : What is your Favorite Data Structure?

Me : Sir, I like QUEUE a most sir .

Interviewer : Why Queue?

Me:As the first person comes he only goes out (As he will get the first preference) and the Interviewer smiled a little bit.

Interviewer : Why don’t we use the Queue every where and why are the other data structure are used?

Me: Sir i the pre-order and post-order representation of an expression we nee stack but not queue sir.So based on our requirement we simply use the favorable data structure sir.

later it went for 4 to 5 more questions on data structure only.

Interviewer : So do you want to ask something to me?

Me: Sir if a person like me with an interest on a certain technology was placed into a project which utilizes a different technology how much support do the company will provide ?

Interviewer : Given a detailed explanation about their company and the projects they are working at present.


Interviewer : Thank you, you may leave.

Me : Thank you very much sir.and left the room with a smile.


Later the madam entered the room to ask weather i am selected for the HR or not . When the mam came outside i was waiting for the result weather i am qualified for the next round or not and then the mam gave a reply with a smile that you are selected for the next round.The my heart cooled a little bit but unfortunately my friend didn’t got qualified in this round.


Round 5: (HR)

In HR round the interviewer asked me some simple questions such as tell me about yourself and briefly explained about me and my skill and the project.Then the Interviewer got interested on my project and asked me to explain it and i explained it.Later he asked me about my family background and i said about my family background. Then he finally asked me why didn’t you joined your brother’s company? and i sincerely said that “Sir i don’t want to be in my bother’s company as it’s not mean like that way, if i joined my brother’s company then there will be some rumors that his brother proposed him and pulled him as they don’t see my talent.So i don’t want to join my brother’s company and i want to stand on my own as i don’t want to hear that kind of rumors sir.”

He said that your interview is over and you can leave and i left the panel with saying thank you with a smile..

Approximately nearly only 30 members were selected for the HR out of 80 students who are selected for the Technical Round.

The members who has completed the HR round were brought together and said that within a week you will get the confirmation mail about the job weather you are selected or not.

And LUCKILY i got the mail that i got selected for EPAM.


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