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EPAM Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Dec, 2021

ABOUT COMPANY: EPAM is one of the dream-job for freshers nowadays which is getting exponentially popular.  This is a product-based company where you’ll provide end-to-end solutions to clients and do product development being a fresher only.

As not many of the engineering students are aware of the EPAM drive completely and how to do it, I’ll just help everyone out by briefing every portion and answering the FAQs which I faced before sitting for the drive. Before you appear for your EPAM drive, make sure to go thoroughly as I’ve covered everything in detail about the organization and exams.

I’ll just start with some minor details of mine which will help you out understand where do you stand.

  • Course: Bachelor of Technology
  • Discipline: Computer Science and Engineering
  • EPAM India Recruitment Drive Details:
  • Job role: Junior Software Engineer
  • Place: Hyderabad/ Bangalore/ Pune (You can enter your preference, but the final decision will be taken by the organization itself. )
  • My verdict: Waiting for offer letter

Recruitment Process in a brief: EPAM India has one of the most uncommon selection processes which is in my opinion, the most practical. Usual recruitment processes include Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, English, Programming logic, Coding, Lateral thinking, Automata fix, etc.  

  • On the other hand, EPAM checks the candidates on their practical knowledge, conversation clarity, coding, etc. To be honest, exams consist of one day, a few hours and your abilities are checked.
  • In many exams, mostly in quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning, there are problems which don’t actually check your skills. I mean to say is, that there many problems which particularly have one way of solving that, which is known to the author.
  • Those problems do not showcase someone’s capabilities but are more theoretical. Either you know them, or you don’t. EPAM, with their unique recruitment process, judges a candidate based on perks required in real life only.

Round 1: The 1st round is a coding, aptitude, core concepts of java, data structures and algorithms round which is conducted through my anatomy portal as of today. 

  • Virtual Round
  • This is completely off-campus and anyone can participate.
  • They keep updating about all the placement drives ever so often in their websites and YouTube channels.


  • There were 3 programming problems to solve in Java only.
  • You cannot use any other language strictly.
  • EPAM is primarily product-based, they develop and excel in Java.
  • They selected Java as because that is what they use primarily, and also, this is the most common language which is part of the academic syllabus in every college throughout India.
  • There were 3 questions one was easy array-based, one is oops based and last one is graph mainly called Dijkstra Algorithm.

Round 2: After the 1st round, selected candidates will receive an e-mail of selection. 

  • In my case, I received it for 3 days after. You’ll receive the mails a few times, each time with particular information updated.
  • For the second round also follows the pattern of the first round. But the mode of difficulty will be bit increased. There are 3 coding questions first one is medium, second one is hard, third one is very hard.

Round 3: After completion of round 2 I got an email that I am selected for Round 4 which was technical round. The interview is around greater than 1 hour. The interviewer nearly ask 60 questions in this one hour.

  • The question includes abstract class, abstract method, interface and many more concepts like private constructors etc.
  • And then the interviewer posted 2 coding question and answers which was I solved in the first and second rounds. She asked me to explain how I can approach to solve that questions.
  • After then some simple data structure question.

Round 4: After 5-6 days I received a mail regarding HR interview.

  • This round was nearly 30 min. This will mostly be a normal conversation about hobbies, what you do and what not. HR asks about my family background, what are my hobbies, what should I do in my free time. And also asked my BTech projects.
  • After that he explained work culture at epam.

After 21 days of the HR interview, I received a call that “I am SELECTED” .

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