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Epam Interview Experience for Junior Software Engineer

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2021
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Epam | Junior Software Engineer| Result(offer)  

Round 1: The first round has happened in MyAnatomy platform which is called NCTE test. 

  • There were questions of Aptitude, Analytical, English Proficiency, Computer Fundamental, Coding Proficiency and UI Technologies. 
  • Epam selects candidate from NCTE score and they send email of next round.

Round 2(Coding): In 2nd round there were 3 coding questions and could solve in JAVA only.

  • 1st question was from opps and there was one interface and some classes. I have to implements interface in classes and extend classes and there are also some blank function in which I have to write logic for given problem.
  • 2nd and 3rd questions were of medium level coding question which is from DSA and problem solving.
  • After several days I got a mail for group discussion round.

Round 3(Group Discussion): This round was of 30 minutes. There were almost 10 candidates in group discussion. Firstly mentor introduces himself and also give brief information about Epam. The topic was “who is more responsible for 2nd phase of corona? public or government ”. I tried to say twice but there was limited time, so I was able to say one once.

  • After several days I got a mail for Technical interview round.

Round 4(Technical interview): This interview was mostly about java. It was of 45 minutes interview.  

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Ask to explain all questions which were solved in 2nd coding round and also explain logic.  
  • Opps concept.
  • Difference between linkedlist and arraylist which is faster to insert and delete.
  • Difference between Stack and queue.
  • Static method, static variable and static block.
  • Final, finally and finalize.
  • Size of long in java.
  • Binary tree.
  • BST(binary search tree).
  • Live use of BST.
  • Overriding.
  • What is Map.
  • Abstract class vs interface.
  • What is Collection.
  • Can overload main function.
  • Collection class.
  • Define all data structure in collection.
  • Find duplicate element in array. Which I have to code in java.
  • One puzzle: You have 2 candle both candle can burn 30 – 30 min. You have to burn both candle in exactly 45 minutes.  

After several days I got a mail for HR interview round.

Round 5(HR interview): It was of 30 min interview.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • About my project.
  • Tell me a situation where you play a role of team player.
  • Tell me a situation where you did mistake and how you tackle with the mistake you did.
  • About my family background.
  • Are you ready to relocate.
  • If your parents say don’t relocate, then will you able to relocate?
  • How long you commit to work in Epam.
  • If your relatives say to leave Epam for more salary, will you do?
  • What is your achievement.
  • How will you tackle if you have less time to complete a project.
  • And some general discussion.

After several days I got confirmation mail from EPAM.\

Verdict: Selected

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