Epam India Interview Experience -Software Engineer

Recently, I got interviewed for Epam System. The interview consisted of the total 5 rounds. Out of which first round was an online coding round and could be given from any webcam-enabled system. The coding challenge consisted of three questions of easy, medium and medium-hard levels.
The contest was restricted to the JAVA programming language only.

The selected students of the first round were called for the onsite face to face interview in any of the following four cities- Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh, and Kolkata. I went for Hyderabad.

The process started with a small pre-placement talk followed by another coding round which consisted of two coding questions with weightage of 80 marks and 10 MCQ’s carrying 20 marks.

The students who qualified through this round had to face the Group Discussion Round. In the GD round, we were divided into the groups of ten students each and were given a topic to discuss upon. 2 minutes were allotted for the thinking about the topic and then the discussion went on for the next ten minutes.
This was also an elimination round and almost five students of each group were eliminated through this round.

The students who qualified this round had to go through a technical round. In the technical round, most of the questions were from the Object Oriented Programming concepts and their implementation in JAVA. Few general coding questions were also asked. The questions were like-
* find the duplicate element in the given array.
* some tricky questions on polymorphism.
* Similar OOP’s concepts questions.
* Implement DFS, BFS.

The students who got qualified in this round had to go through the HR round. Classic HR questions were asked in this round like-
* Why Epam?
* Tell about your family.
* Tell me something which is not in your resume.
* Other classic HR questions

The final result was declared after 8-9 days through the emails.

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