Enquero Interview Experience | Set 1 (Campus Drive)

Enquero is the US based company. Recently they conducted campus drive for the data analyst post.

It was one day selection process. Started with PPT and went on with 3 rounds. They are very friendly and interactive.

Round1: It was one hour time limit consists of 25 questions. It includes java collections, simple join sql queries, English comprehension, aptitude questions and a few questions like finding no of triangles and squares in the given figure.

One programming question where u need to find the n th largest element in the given array.

Round 2: Based on the performance they divided in to groups for Group discussion. Gd topics are Strat up, Digitalization, Open source.

Round3: Interviewers are very friendly. Since it is an analytics profile they are looking for the candidates who are good at SQL and a basic knowledge in machine learning. Be clear with your projects and explain to them what your contribution. Questions on why u have chosen this particular algorithm for analysis. How this algorithm work (Bayesian formula). You basically need to know a few ML algorithms that will definitely help you to clear this round.

Finally my interview panel asked me a rope puzzle. I initially struggled to arrive at the solution. But later on a hint I have given them correct solution.

Puzzle: They are two ropes of unequal lengths and size. If each rope takes 30 minutes to burn. Calculate 45 minutes. (Later I came to know that it was based on candle problem)

For a few of them they conducted another interview round.

HR round: He called and asked me what are my weakness and strengths. He gave some tips how to come over my weakness. They are looking for the people who are committed and smart. Finally he said I was selected. Can’t able to control my emotion. One of the best and finest interview.

One thing that I like in these people is their hospitality and friendly nature. Looking for the day to join with them.

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