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Engineering Artifacts
  • Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2020

Engineering Artifacts are generally captured in rigorous engineering notations. These notations can be Unified Modeling Language (UML), programming languages, or executable codes of machines. There are generally three types of engineering artifacts.

Types of Engineering Artifacts :

  1. Vision Document –
    A vision document generally provides complete vision for software system that is under development. It is document that describes and explains compelling idea, project, or another future state simply for specific organization, product, or service. It also supports contract between funding authority and development organization. A vision document is specially written by keeping user’s perspective into consideration and also by focusing on essential features of system. A good vision document should include two appendixes: first one should explain concept of operation using use cases and second one should explain change risks inherent in vision statement.

  2. Architecture Description –
    An architecture description is collection of artifacts that document an architecture that includes an organized view of software architecture under development. It is generally taken and extracted from design model and also contains views of design, implementation, and deployment sets. In Architecture description, architecture views are generally key artifacts.

  3. Software User Manual –
    Software user manual provides important documentation that is very much needed to support software that is delivered. This documentation is generally provided to user. It should include procedures of installation, procedures regarding its usage, guidance, operational constraints, and an explanation regarding user interface. Test team members should write this user manual and should be developed at an early stage in life cycle. This is due to reason that user manual is an essential mechanism simply used for communicating and stabilizing an essential requirement subset.

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