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Endurance International Interview Experience

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Post: Software engineering intern


Endurance international visited our campus for hiring interns and full-time employees. THE CGPA cut-off for interns was set to 6 and it was open for the branches for CO/IT/SE/MCE.


Round – 1 ->

The round was MCQ based. 45 mins were allotted for a set of 60 questions. The topics in the test included algorithms, databases, networking, data structures, operating systems. The level of difficulty of questions was from easy to moderate but required a very wide knowledge.


Round – 2 ->

Out of about 200 people, 25 people were shortlisted for this round. Unlike conventional programming challenges on data structures and algorithms, this round was based upon writing an application-based program. The problem statement was given and 1.5 hours of time was provided to solve the problem. It was a simple task if you are fluent with basics of development in any language. The problem was to develop an in-memory data store which had commands as follows:

set alpha 29 // will set the value of the key alpha to 29 in the memory

-> Done

get alpha //

-> 29

set alpha 29 5 // here the second argument is the ttl(time to live for the key, after this it should be deleted)

get alpha

->29 (before ttl expires)

get alpha

-> nil (after ttl expires)

flush (to clear the memory)

save (to save the memory in a file)

load filename (loads the file with name “filename” in the memory)

Bonus points -> allow one key to have multiple values.




6 students were shortlisted for this round. This was the first technical interview round. The interviewers asked me to introduce myself. Then they started asking questions about the projects in my resume. I had done varied kind of projects including web development, python development, databases, image processing, machine learning. They were more interested in projects based on web and databases. A thorough discussion followed. I explained them all the intricacies of my projects and the problems that I have faced while development. A large number of questions were about hypothetical situations regarding the projects that I have built. They wanted to know my thinking process and what technologies or tools I will use. The emphasis on data structures and algorithms directly was nil but application-based questions were present. Since I had an interest in web security, I knew a lot of concepts. The round lasted for about 40 minutes.



3 students were shortlisted for this round, the process of this round varied for each person. For me this round was conducted over a video call with their lead technical engineer at their Bombay office. The emphasis again was on hypothetical conditions regarding my projects. He wanted to know if I can think innovative solutions to the problem he posed. The discussion varied from the concepts of encryption and hashing to deadlocks in an asynchronous program. He also asked problems that were unrelated to the work I had done, this required a fair bit of thought as it was a real-world scenario and I had not thought about it before hand. This round lasted for 90 minutes.




Finally, only one student was selected for the internship, it was me :P. The key is to never give up, you never know when you will get it.

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Last Updated : 04 Feb, 2019
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