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Endurance International Group Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-campus)

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Endurance International Group came to our campus to hire for Full Time Employment (FTE) and for Internship for the following two profiles:

  • Operations Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer

Total registrations were more than 2k out of which only 1 got selected for FTE. There were total of 5 rounds :

  • MCQuizzes [30]questions [30]Minutes
  • Coding [1]Question [2]Hours
  • Technical Interview [1]Hour
  • Technical Interview [1]Hour
  • HR Interview [-]Depends

Round 1

Round1 was MCQ round with 30 questions. 4 marks for correct answer and -1 for wrong answer. The test was focused to judge your knowledge of core subjects such as

Around 50 Students got selected for the coding round.

Round 2

Problem: To develop a Log rotation System. The question was divided into 3 different sub-parts. Docs of all the languages were provided.
Coding round was focused to judge your knowledge of development and file handling. The main thing which the Endurance Team was looking for is the approach to handle the question. Many students were hard coding the problem and they straight away rejected such students.
Advice: Don’t get panic by seeing the question, instead try to implement what you already know and don’t hard code. I repeat don’t hard code.

Round 3 : Technical Interview

Interviewer mainly focused on data structures, OOPS and OS. Hardly any question from the Resume was asked.

A few questions which I remember


Round 4 : Technical Interview

Interviewer mainly focused on development, design, OOPS, DBMS, Data structures, Resume

A few questions which I remember


  • Create Database schema for the project I listed in my Resume followed by few SQL queries on that schema
  • Can we explicitly call Destructor?
  • Scaling of web Applications
  • Design Rubic’s Cube [Input,features,data structure to be used and play the game]
  • Design strtok library function. [Explained me what it does]
  • Leaf to Leaf path sum


Round 5 

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Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2017
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