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Encrypt the String according to the given algorithm in Python

  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2021

Given a string s, the task is to encrypt the string in the following way. Let the string be “apple”.

  • Step 1: Reverse the input: “elppa”
  • Step 2: Replace all vowels using the following chart:
a => 0
e => 1
i => 2
o => 2
u => 3
Resultant string - "1lpp0"
  • Step 3: Add “aca” to the end of the word:
Resultant String: "1lpp0aca"


Input: banana
Output: 0n0n0baca"

Input: karaca
Output: 0c0r0kaca"

Input: burak
Output: k0r3baca


  1. Create a dictionary which stores values so that it can be easily accessed.
  2. Reverse the string by indexing method.
  3. Loop through the word to replace vowels.

Below is the implementation.


# Create an input field
encrypt = "banana"
# Create a dictionary to store keys
# and values
dict = {"a": "0", "e": "1",
        "i": "2", "o": "2",
        "u": "3"}
# Reverse the string
num = encrypt[::-1]
# Replace vowels using loops
for i in dict:
    num = num.replace(i, dict[i])
# f- strings which improves readability



Let’s understand the above code:

  • For indexing, through a string, we have a provision of three arguments. The indexing is done with integers (not float values) and intended with close brackets.
  • The first argument is for the starting point, the second argument is for jump though the sub-string and third argument is the endpoint.
  • So in the above reverse-string method, we keep the first argument empty , so the indexing would begin from the first sub-string , the second argument is left empty so there would be not jumping through sub-strings and endpoint would be -1 which would result in the compiler to manipulate and reverse the given input.

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