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enchant.get_enchant_version() in Python

  • Last Updated : 03 Jul, 2020

Enchant is a module in python which is used to check the spelling of a word, gives suggestions to correct words. Also, gives antonym and synonym of words. It checks whether a word exists in dictionary or not.


enchant.get_enchant_version() is an inbuilt method of enchant module. It is used to see the version of the enchant module being used by the system.

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Syntax : enchant.get_enchant_version()

Parameter : Nothing

Returns : a string containing the enchant version

Example 1 :

# import the enchant module
import enchant
# printing the version

Output :


Example 2 :The version of the enchant module can also be found using help() method.

# import the enchant module
import enchant
# using the help() method

Output : The actual output is of 574 lines. Here only the last few lines which contains the version are displayed.

Set the prefix used by the Enchant library to find its plugins

Called automatically when the Python library is imported when



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