Enable PPP Debug Command in PPP Configuration

For specified Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) interface, Enable PPP Debug Command, as name suggests, generally enables all of the debugging options. If PORT parameter was not specified, then debugging information or data is generally transmitted to port or telnet session from which command was usually entered, otherwise, it is transmitted to PORT parameter that is being specified.

There are several parameters included in this command. Some of the parameters are given below :

DEBUG parameter :
This parameter is generally required to specify which of debugging options are needed to be disabled. Value of this parameter is usually a single item or basically a comma-separated list of various items. Some of the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) debugging options are given in the below table :

Option Description
ALL Represents all debug options that are available.
AUTH Represents PPP Authentication. Authentication failure will be caused most commonly if LCP opens on a link or connection but network protocols simply remain in the CLOSED state.
BAPPKT Represents BAP packets that are usually received over or through the interface.
BAPSTATE Represents all transitions of BAP state machine.
CALLBACK Represents all transitions of CALLBACK state machine.
DEMAND Represents all packets that simply cause on-demand links to get activated.
ENCO Represents that ENCO state machine is generally required to control and handle attachment to and detachment simply from ENCO i.e. encryption/compression module.
LCP Represents all transitions of LCP state machine.
NCP Represents all transitions of NCP state machine.
PKT Represents all packets that are being received and transmitted on the PPP interface.
UTILISATION Represents utilization measurements simply for each of the lower layer interface and the overall utilization.

Syntax –

ENABLE PPP=ppp-interface 
         [, ...] 
 [PORT=port-number] [TIMEOUT={NONE|1..4000000000}]


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