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EmberJS vs ReactJS

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  • Last Updated : 19 Jan, 2021
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What is Ember JS?
Ember JS is an open-source JavaScript framework. It was developed by Yehuda Katz. It is used for creating web applications. It permits to build client-side JavaScript applications by giving a total arrangement that contains data management. The first name of Ember JS was SproutCore MVC framework. It has a two-way binding and server-side rendering design. It provides the Glimmer rendering engine to build the rendering speed.

Features of Ember JS:

  • Client-side rendering
  • Completely fledged templating mechanism
  • Stability without stagnancy
  • URL support
  • High performance focus

What is React JS?
React JS is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook which is used to manage the view layer for both Web and Mobile applications. It can be presented on the server-side along with working on the client-side. It makes mobile app development simpler because the code written during the website development can be utilized again to create a mobile application. It is appropriate for continuing huge amounts of data.

Features of React JS:

  • JSX
  • Component-Based
  • Virtual DOM
  • SEO-friendly

Ember JS vs React JS

Ember JSReact JS
It is a framework for developing web applications.It is a JavaScript library to build user interfaces.
It was released in December 2011.It was released in May 2013.
It is based on the MVC model (Model–View–Controller)..It is based on virtual DOM model.
Data Binding is two way.Data Binding is one way.
Ideal for dynamic SPAs.Ideal for enormous web applications whose data is set to change frequently.
It supports routing.It does not support routing.
The framework applies explicit templates to update the values.In React JS State parameters are connected directly with the UI.
Highly opinionated.Less opinionated.
It gives the best combination with ember-data and the best CLI (Command-line interface).It does not give any architecture for its own. The people using React lean toward utilizing Flux.
A lot of time is required to learn Ember.It is not difficult to learn.
It is slow.It is fast.
It has CLI (Command-line interface).It does not officially have a CLI.
Used by Square Inc, WeblineIndia, Workbridge Associates, Orbis Technologies, etc.Used by PayPal, Netflix, Airbnb, Instagram, etc.

Conclusion: At the point when full-stack developers compare Ember JS and React JS, most by far propose picking React JS. Rather than working on the entire application, developers can just break User Interface into a single component. The object-oriented approach and other features make it popular with the developers. Consequently, React JS is in more demand nowadays.

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