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Email Worms

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  • Last Updated : 16 Feb, 2021
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Email Worms is commonly known as a mass-mailing worm. This worm has the capability of sending itself as an attachment to an email or as a link. It can only activate if the mail has come from a trusted source. So to trick the user, it came from a trusted source, the worm finds various resources through which this infected attachment can be sent. The code activates when the user opens the attachment, or they click on the link. So when the user clicked on the attachment the malicious code is executed or if they click on the link then they are taken to an infected website where the data might be stolen. This worm can be also be sent as an attachment with a double extension.

Methods of sending infected mails by the email worms –

The most method used by the worms are:-

  • It uses Windows MAPI functions.
  • It uses windows MS Outlook services.
  • The worm can find the email through which they can send the infected attachment to the other user.
  • It can send itself in the body of the email. This worm or virus can embed itself in the body of the mail as a link or as simple HTML code.

Note: Hackers use this method to send this virus or worms to gain sensitive data, personal information of the user. They use this type of social engineering tactics to get this amount of data that will benefit them. This type of method is known as phishing.

Interesting facts: 

  • It can delete the security software
  • It also tries to download files.

What Email Worms can do?

  • It can be sent as an attachment in Email.
  • It can be used to gain sensitive data, personal information.

Basic steps that we must know to avoid the phishing attack that is done by email virus or worms –

  • We should not open the email if that is sent from an unknown source.
  • We should not open the email if that is sent from an unknown company. So the email may contain some viruses that can affect the system.
  • Encrypt all sensitive company information.
  • If the user finds the email as a fake then the user should delete the email.
  • Deploy a web filter to block malicious websites.

Another method to stop the email virus or worms.

  • We can use Antivirus software, and we can scan all the attachments in the email for any malware.
  • We should not give email addresses to any unsecured web page.
  • Scan all attachments for malware.
  • We should not open any executable files that are attached to the email with two extensions.
  • Always keep the mail client, operating system, and web browser updated.
  • By getting a text preview in your chosen email service these attacks can be stopped.
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