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Elicit vs. Scholarcy: Which AI Extracts Better Research Insights?

Last Updated : 22 Feb, 2024
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Students and researchers face many challenges in writing simple to complicated research papers. They must take a deep dive into the previous articles to extract crucial information and get the summary of the paper. Nevertheless, using AI tools, such as Elicit and Scholarcy, will simplify the journey of writing a research paper.

Research assistants use these Elicit vs. Scholarcy tools to streamline their literature review process. These tools help students avoid difficulty reviewing many publications and articles and comparing the right ones for their research papers.

AI-Based Literature Review Tools use large language models to simplify research tasks. You can completely automate the research tasks like finding relevant information, extracting key details, and brainstorming ideas.

What is Elicit?


Elicit – AI-Based Literature Review Tools

Elicit AI will use LLMs to find the research papers you want and learn them in-depth. It automates research work entirely and focuses on providing open-ended reasoning. Searching, summarizing, and learning research articles will be streamlined. You can get critical information and insights from the research papers.

Working of Elicit AI

Elicit will use machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to generate responses and research papers relevant to the context. It is a free online literature review generator that consumes a lot of information to train the model to understand the language and grammar to respond with context-aware responses.

Features of Elicit AI

Elicit Features

Elicit AI Tool Features

  • Look for the Research Papers you want: When you give the prompt to this AI tool related to any research, it will display all the relevant research papers instantly from the database. You can search for appropriate papers and extract critical details into a table.
  • Search for Themes and Concepts in Papers with ease: You can easily search the papers by theme and get the documents you seek.
  • Aware of Context: It can understand the context through the conversations you are making. The responses you get will be relevant to the context and language.
  • Extract figures and tables: Tables and figures from research paper formats can be downloaded to Excel formats.
  • Supports Multiple Import formats: Scholarcy supports multiple formats like HTML, PowerPoint, LaTEX, XML, Word or Plain Text to import the documents.
Elicit Features

Elicit AI Tool – Features


  • Elicit AI can understand natural language and let you have human-like conversations in the context.
  • You can use it to generate content in different applications, such as customer support.


  • The training phase will require computational resources to ensure the model learns from the data effectively.
  • Inadequate datasets to feed the model will result in inaccuracies.


  • Basic – $0 with limited features.
  • Plus – $10 per month.
  • Enterprise and institutions – Custom pricing.


What is Scholarcy?


Scholarcy – Best AI for research insights

Scholarcy is one of the free AI tools for research paper writing that is used to summarize articles, books, or even long reports quickly. It will help you create bite-sized sections with ease.

There are browser extensions available for you to add to the browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, to give the summary you want. It also offers you a personalized summary research library with summary cards.

You will have to pay for a monthly subscription to use this tool. The automatic text summarizer is exclusively used by academic researchers, journalists, and students who want to read and summarize lengthy documents.

Working of Scholarcy AI

Scholarcy, the best AI for research insights, will scan through the lengthy research paper or document to find the critical information, references, and figures you want in no time. You can quickly generate and export the research paper summary to Word, PowerPoint, or Markdown.

Features of Scholarly

Scholarcy features

Scholarcy Features – AI-Based Literature Review Tools

  • Generates Background Reading: If you want to understand the research topic, you can get the background reading list of the topics. It will also highlight critical abbreviations and terms in the document so that you can refer to them while reading.
  • Emphasize Key Points: It uses a Rob-highlighter to highlight the key phrases in the document and help you extract the critical information without a miss. You do not have to print the paper to review the document; instead, it highlights the points.
  • Gives you the Referenced Summary: The AI literature review writer will summarize the white papers you have written, along with references. It will also rewrite the content from a third-person perspective, thus making it easy for you to put the citations in the report. You can also customize the summary with the number of words you want and highlight the level of language in which you want the summary.
  • Find References: You do not have to skim through the papers to find the references. This tool will help you locate them with ease. You can download the bibliography in either of these formats, such as BibTex or.RIS formats and import the references to the tool you want.


  • Scholarcy will come with two free extensions, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.
  • It is easy to download and import the flashcard summary to your desired knowledge management tools like Notion, Obsidian, and Roam.


  • Upgradation to paid plan is required to access the Scholarcy web app.
  • You will have to pay extra if you want to access the Scholarcy library.


  • Free article summarizer – $0.
  • Scholarcy plus – $4.99/month.


Which AI tool Gives Better Research Insights: Elicit Vs. Scholarcy?

Both Elicit and Scholars are the best literature review and research summarizer tools that help you in the review process and research findings. Using them, the process of finding research papers becomes a breeze. The best way to measure the best is to experience it firsthand.

Elicit Vs Scholarcy: Comparision Chart

The following table provides a comparison between Elicit and Scholarcy tools:

Category to compare



Platforms supported




Research professionals

Schools who want to turn research papers to book chapters.





It is a free version, but free trail is not available.

Free version and Free trail.


Academic research and AI summaries.

AI summaries.



Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Scholarcy Library, and Microsoft Word.

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AI is taking the literature world by storm by introducing tools like Elicit and Scholarcy. These tools can help the researchers and students find the relevant research papers on which they are working to summarize the information. It saves a lot of their valuable time in manually reading and refining the information.

FAQs – Elicit vs. Scholarcy

How do you use Elicit for research findings and literature review?

You can sign up to use this tool and fetch the research papers you want. You can search in the search box for the research paper, and the tool will help you find the documents besides providing insights from appropriate academic papers.

Does Scholarcy offer security?

Yes, Scholarcy will encrypt the data. Infrastructure analysis tools like Synk, Dependabot, and Secrets scanner will secure the scripts, containers, and codes.

Is Elicit AI legitimate?

Yes, it is legit, as many users who have used it have given positive reviews of this AI tool for its excellent user experience and research insights.

Does Elicit come for free?

For a basic account, you do not have to pay a penny. With this, you can search for papers and extract data from them. You can also find concepts from the documents to develop a new one for your research paper.

Is Scholarcy worth the amount I spent on it?

Yes, it is used to summarize the research papers, saving a lot of your valuable time. The summaries authored by this AI tool are easy to digest.

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