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Elements of Web Design

Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2021
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Web Design, as the name suggests, simply means designing websites. Designing websites is quite complex and as well as daunting also i.e., difficult to deal with. Web designing is a creative process that not only affects the audience but also affects ranking and one’s brand. It simply affects the entire web presence. Designing is basically creating something according to plan to show the look and function it. Web design is similar as it also includes designing websites and presenting contents to end-user through the internet by web browsers.

Elements of Web Design: It might look easy to design websites but in reality, it’s not easy as it looks. While designing websites, one has to keep in mind both the appearance and functionality of websites. A good web design will only impress the audience as the impression will either make remain on your website and get to know about your business or will leave your website and look for another one. There are basically two elements of web design i.e., visual elements and functional elements.  

1. Visual Elements:

Visual elements simply mean an aspect or representation of something that we see. There are various visual elements and some of them are given below:  

  • Layout: Layout simply represents the overall structure of the website that includes graphics, ads, texts, headers, menus, content, etc. The website layout is very important as it helps to guide users and tell them where they want to look. A good layout will also make it easy for one to have access to information and give a clear path for navigation. There are different layouts available nowadays and one can choose any one of them as there are no such rules when choosing a layout.
  • Shapes: Shapes simply mark the boundaries of content. It also plays important role in branding. Each geometrical or graphical shape has its own meaning that influences our mind. Shapes simply represent a concept, create movement, affect the composition, help to create complex drawings and paintings, provide depth and texture, etc. It also helps to increase the number of visitors on the website as appearance influence peoples that in turn improve your business.
  • Colors: Choosing appropriate colors for web design is very essential and important. It can be considered a powerful element in developing a website successfully. It is a way to connect to users or visitors and increase brand recognition. Effective usage of color attracts people and increases the number of visitors. One can choose different colors as per their choice.
  • Images and Icons: Images and icons are the best way to improve the user experience of your website as well as attract the attention of users. It is the best and most compatible way to present information and explaining concepts. It makes the website look professional and more interesting. It also supports text content and gives a quick summary of the text.

2. Functional Elements:  

Functional elements simply mean aspect or representation of functionalities of websites. It simply represents what the website can do and how it works. There are various functional elements and some of them are given below:  

  • Navigation: Navigation simply means the process of monitoring and controlling the movement around websites or screens, etc. It simply directs visitors or users to various web pages and will allow searching websites for longer. It is one of the best ways to determine whether the website is working properly or not.
  • User Interaction: The user interface is very important as it will either make and increase visitors to your website or break the user base. It simply attracts users and simplifies their activities. It is basically a point where users interact with websites such as scrolling, clicking, typing, etc.
  • Animation: Animations play a very important role to attract more users and enhance the user experience. Animation simply demonstrates a product or images and are mostly made with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). It allows one to do more with less, interacts with people in a better way, and communicate clearly and effectively.

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