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eClinicalWorks Interview Experience | Set 1 (Off Campus)

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Recently i had an interview with It was an open interview. There were total 400+ candidates. there were exp. guys also. (me fresher).

Profile : Java Developer
exp : 0-1 year
No. of positions : 25

Round 1 (Online Fully Java (Core+Advanced+jsp+servlet) Based MCQ Test) :-
Total 138 were shortlisted canditates who attended 10+ correct ans were selected for next round. I wrote 15+ correct ans.

Round 2 : (Java Programming Test + SQL Query writing Test) Pen-Paper Based Test :
They give us question paper and we have to write ans int this paper.

Q.1 Was writing queries. two tables were given. and 3 question. we just have to write
3 query for given table.

Q2 was Java program.
Program : write code to print fisrt repeating word in given String.

i wrote all ans and they were correct. 🙂

Candidates who write 1+ correct query and java code were selected for next round.

Round 3 (technical interview) :
He saw my resume for 1min and then ask me about yourself, then he started shooting Java Questions.
1. what are basic java OOPs concepts?
2. what is polymorphism?
3. what is abstraction?
4. what is runtime polymorphism?
5. what is diff btn String and StringBuilder?
6. what is parent class of exception?
and many more.

He asked me to rewrite previous Java code. I had done well in this interview and gave all correct ans. He asked to me to wait for next round. In this round total 16 candidate selected.

Last Round :
In this round they give us blank paper. HR guy just speaking question and we had to write ans in paper. Total 11 Questions.
Q. Write command to find IP address?
Q. How to open running process list in windows?
Q. Which technique you use to refresh the particular part of webpage not whole webpage?
Q. Two SQL queries.
Q. Two Java programs.

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Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2018
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