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EBay Interview Experience

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Ellora Nath is certainly not your average woman. From being a board topper to a pageant contest winner she has done it all. She is also one among the very few people to be selected for ISB’s Young Leaders Programme. If that wasn’t enough she recently bagged an envious job offer from Ebay. In a candid interview with TopTalent she talked about the interview process and why she chose Ebay over other companies to kick start her career.

As usual, you might want to download her resume by logging in to understand what made her stand out and how you can do it too.

1. What makes eBay so special? Why did you decide to join eBay?

Ellora: When we sit for campus placements, the process is mostly dominated by the pressure of getting ‘a’ job, usually not ‘the’ job. When you choose ‘the’ job, it should be aligned with your interests; domain, work-life balance, location and so on. I took the plunge mainly because its a great fit. eBay is one of the best e-commerce companies globally and is hailed as a great place to work for. Besides, retail therapy has always proven good for us women, it excited me to be behind the scenes.

2. Can you describe the complete hiring process of Ebay?

Ellora: The process commenced with a written round. Some 40 odd questions and a design question. Shortlisting followed. I had 4 rounds after. Two technical rounds. Two techno-behavioral round if I might call it. They were taken by the Director and the Hiring Manager respectively. I escaped the HR but more often than not that is the norm. You can expect an HR round before the final yes.

3. What was the toughest question you encountered and how did you answer it?

Ellora: Well I wouldn’t say one question, but stress on the fact that it was a very comprehensive interview. I had some of Data Structures, Databases, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Linux commands, puzzles everything thrown at me. Questions spanned across domains and just surface level won’t cut it. I remember one where they gave me a scenario involving some transactions between the sellers and buyers. I had to elucidate my understanding of the databases involved and there were some complex SQLs for retrieving desired data.

4. What is the application process for companies like eBay?

Ellora: Campus placements and off campus drives. I got lucky with a call from the HR for the interview but one should hang out at their websites to find open positions. eBay has a very strong referral programme too. You could leverage that.

5. Can you talk about what resources did you refer before the interviews?

Ellora: Some DSA-OS-DB slides I had as a takeaway from college. Also websites like careercup and geeksforgeeks has good preparatory material. I had also gone through everything in my resume (projects, particular algorithms, slight technical details mentioned) before my interview with the hiring manager. That really helped.

6. What were some important factors according to you that made you stand out?

Ellora: I think it was just my day. I was well prepared. Having a job in hand ensured i wasn’t a nervous wreck. Mostly, know your stuff well and hold your ground in front of the panel.

7. Currently, what are you working on and how has been the experience till now?

Ellora: I am in the Buyer Experience Team at Ebay as a Product Development Engineer. My work is JAVA Based, we work on ebay specific technology stacks. Its been an awesome one month. We have a swanky new office in Bangalore now and the employees are really well taken care of at ebay. You’ll definitely start buying a lot more from ebay, post job. Good luck to everyone applying.

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Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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