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EasyUI jQuery treegrid Widget

Last Updated : 09 Apr, 2021
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EasyUI is an HTML5 framework for using user interface components based on jQuery, React, Angular, and Vue technologies. It helps in building features for interactive web and mobile applications saving a lot of time for developers.

In this article, we will learn how to design treegrid using jQuery EasyUI. The treegrid is used to show hierarchical data in a grid.

Downloads for EasyUI for jQuery:


<input class="easyui-treegrid">



  • idField: Indicate which field is an identity field.
  • treeField: Defines the tree node field.
  • animate: Defines if to show animation effect when node expands or collapses. 
  • checkbox: Defines if to show the checkbox before every row node.
  • cascadeCheck: Defines if to cascade check.
  • onlyLeafCheck: Defines if to show the checkbox only before leaf node.
  • lines: Defines if to show lines between treegrid nodes.
  • loader: How to load data from a remote server. Return false can abort this action.
  • loadFilter: Return the filtered data to display.


  • onLoadSuccess: It gets fired when data is loaded successfully.
  • onLoadError: It gets fired when some errors occur to load remote data.
  • onBeforeLoad: It gets fired before a request is made to load data.
  • onClickRow: It gets fired when the user clicks a row, the parameters contain.
  • onDblClickRow: It gets fired when the user double-clicks a row, the parameters contain.
  • onClickCell: It gets fired when the user clicks a cell.
  • onDblClickCell: It gets fired when the user double-clicks a cell.
  • onBeforeSelect: It gets fired before the user selects a row.
  • onSelect: It gets fired when the user selects a row.
  • onBeforeUnselect: It gets fired before the user unselects a row.
  • onUnselect: It gets fired when the user unselects a row.
  • onBeforeCheckNode: It gets fired before the user checks a row.
  • onCheckNode: It gets fired when the user checks a row.
  • onBeforeExpand: It gets fired before a row is expanded
  • onExpand: It gets fired on row expansion.
  • onBeforeCollapse: It gets fired before a row is collapsed.
  • onCollapse: It gets fired when a row is collapsed.
  • onContextMenu: It gets fired when a row is right-clicked.
  • onBeforeEdit: It gets fired when the user starts editing a row.
  • onAfterEdit: It gets fired when the user finishes editing.
  • onCancelEdit: It gets fired when the user cancels editing a row.


  • options: It returns the options of the tree grid.
  • resize: It sets treegrid size.
  • fixRowHeight: It fixes the specified row height.
  • loadData: It loads the treegrid data.
  • load: It loads and shows the first page.
  • reload: It reloads treegrid data.
  • reloadFooter: It reloads footer data.
  • getData: It gets the loaded data.
  • getFooterRows: It gets the footer data.
  • getRoot: It gets the root node, returns the node object
  • getRoots: It gets the root nodes, returns the node array.
  • getParent: It gets the parent node.
  • getChildren: It gets the children nodes.
  • getSelected: It gets the selected node and returns it, if no node selected return null.
  • getSelections: It gets all selected nodes.
  • getCheckedNodes: It gets all checked rows.
  • getLevel: It gets the specified node level.
  • find: It finds the specified node and returns the node data.
  • select: It selects a node.
  • unselect: It unselects a node.
  • selectAll: It selects all nodes.
  • unselectAll: It unselect all nodes.
  • checkNode: It sets the specified row node to check.
  • uncheckNode:  It sets the specified row node to uncheck
  • collapse: It collapse a node.
  • expand: It expand a node.
  • collapseAll: It collapse all nodes.
  • expandAll: It expands all nodes.
  • expandTo: It expands from root to specified node.
  • toggle: It toggles the expanded/collapsed state of the node.
  • append: It appends nodes to a parent node.
  • remove: It removes a node and its children nodes.
  • pop: It pops and returns node data including its children after removing that node.
  • refresh: It refreshes the specified node.
  • update: It updates the specified node
  • beginEdit: It begin editing a node.
  • endEdit:  It ends editing a node.
  • cancelEdit: It cancels editing a node.
  • getEditors: It gets the specified row editors.
  • getEditor: It gets the specified editor.
  • showLines: It displays the treegrid lines.

Approach: First, add jQuery Easy UI scripts needed for your project.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”jquery.min.js”>   </script>  

<!–jQuery libraries of EasyUI –>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”jquery.easyui.min.js”>   </script>  

<!–jQuery library of EasyUI Mobile –>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””>   </script> 



<!DOCTYPE html>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" 
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" 
    <script type="text/javascript" src=
    <script type="text/javascript" src=
    <script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function() {
                rownumbers: true,
                showFooter: true,
                idField: 'id',
                treeField: 'region',
                animate: true
    <p>jQuery EasyUI TreeGrid Widget</p>
    <div style="margin:20px 0;"></div>
    <table id='gfg' title="EasyUI TreeGrid">
                <th colspan="4">Geek1</th>
                <th colspan="4">Geek2</th>
                <th field="1" width="60" 
                <th field="2" width="60" 
                <th field="3" width="60" 
                <th field="4" width="60" 
                <th field="5" width="60" 
                <th field="6" width="60" 
                <th field="7" width="60" 
                <th field="8" width="60" 






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