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EagleView Bangalore FTE Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 12 Dec, 2019

EagleView Bangalore visited our college campus in October 2019. The Process included a Coding Test on the Codility Platform, along with 2 technical interviews.

Round 1: ONLINE TEST on Codility Platform

Questions based on Dynamic Programming and Bitmasking were asked. The questions were of a moderate level. Over 40 students appeared for the test out of which only 8 made it to the next round.


The interviewer was very nice and interactive. He started off by introducing himself and then asked me for an introduction. Then, he asked me for the details about the project I had done. Since my project was based on Deep Learning, he asked for the complete pipeline flow.

Then, he asked me about the data structures I am familiar with. I named stacks, queues, trees, and graphs. Based on that, the following questions were asked –

  1. Comparison of Array and Linked List
  2. Comparison of Stack and Queue
  3. Implement a stack from scratch
  4. Counting the number of islands in a graph 

After that, he asked me about an NLP Project that I had done for predicting Stack Overflow Tags.

Then, he concluded the interview and asked me if I have any questions.


The interviewer started off with a formal introduction again and asked me for the same. Since I am familiar with JavaScript, he focused on testing my knowledge on the same.

  1. How to get the host address using JavaScript?
  2. What happens when you write a URL in the address bar of a browser and press enter?
  3. How does a Browser Work?

He was also intrigued by the NLP Project and asked me questions about the pipeline flow and the model used for the same.

Then, he gave me an opportunity to ask any questions in my mind.


Then, after a few minutes, I received a call from HR, telling me that I have been selected.

Overall, the experience was very smooth. All my interviews were mostly resume based and they were very interested in people who have experience in Deep Learning and Web Development.

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