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DXC Technology Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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DXC Technology has started its campus recruitment this year at a very large scale. Their profile offered was Associate Professional Software Developer. This drive was held in the month of August.

All rounds were held online on Aspiring Minds AMCAT platform and the test was fully proctored.

This drive consisted of basically 2 rounds.

Round 1:- The first round consisted of 3 sections. First Section was Aptitude which consisted of questions from Profit and Loss, Calendar, Clock, Trains, Speed, etc. The aptitude was quite easy and online practice of 5-10 days will do so. 

Second section was Technical questions which consisted questions from DBMS, Operating Systems and Output Questions from C++. 

Third section was Logical reasoning which contained questions from number series, verbal reasoning and some questions from English Grammar. 

This was a 2 hour test and elimination round.

Around 1600 students participated and 500 qualified for the next round.

Round 2:-This was the Personal Interview round which was a common round for Technical as well as HR interview. The interview was very kind and asked questions from programming and DBMS. Basic array rotation questions were asked, their complexity, etc. Also joins and views questions were asked from DBMS part.

After that the HR interview consisted of questions that where do you see yourself in 5 years, would you like to relocate, etc.

The process was very smooth and swift and around 200 students were selected after the interview.

Important Tip:- Be confident in the interview and have command over English as they put light on your communication skills.

Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2020
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