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DXC Technology Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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DXC Technology India Pvt. Ltd. visited my campus in August 2022 for the placement drive. There were two rounds in total: 

  • 1 online assessment  
  • 1 Techinal+HR interview

Online Assessment: The Online test consisted of the following sections:

  • Logical: 14 questions in 14 minutes
  • Quantitative: 16 questions in 16 minutes
  • Computer Fundamentals: 12 questions in 15 minutes
  • Automata Fix: 7 questions to be solved in 20 minutes. 
  • English: 12 questions in 15 minutes
  • WriteX : This is the essay writing section. The candidates had to write one essay on the given topic in 20 minutes.

There were no coding questions. The test was taken on the AMCAT platform.

Techinal+HR interview: More focus was on HR-based questions rather than technical ones. We started with the introductions. I mentioned my previous internship. So, he asked some questions regarding the project that I did in my internship. Some other questions:

  • Programming languages I am comfortable with. I mentioned CPP and Java.
  • OOPS Concepts with examples: Inheritance, Abstraction
  • Have you worked with JDBC?
  • My future plans.
  • What do you know about DXC Technology?
  • Why do you want to work with DXC?
  • Are you fine with working night shifts? 

The questions were easy. If your basics of core subjects are clear then there wouldn’t be any problem.

Note: You should wait in the lobby for at least half an hour if you have not been admitted to the interview meeting. Do not panic and wait patiently. Some students were even admitted 1-2 hours late than their scheduled time. Keep your placement cell informed.

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Last Updated : 12 Dec, 2022
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