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DXC Technology Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Level: Easy-Medium

Round 1: Aptitude Round

This round was conducted on the AMCAT platform (only one question at once, cannot revert back to the previous question). There was no negative marking. There were multiple sections like:

  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Logical reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Write (write about 450 on any given topic)
  • Automata Fix (debugging)

After clearing this round we were selected for the interview round (DXC has a combined technical + HR round)  

Round 2: Interview Round (technical + HR round)

The interview started with the interviewer introducing himself and with some general questions related to the current situation and our everyday life then later shifted to technical questions.

The interview questions asked were:

  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. Tell me about your projects.
  3. What was the greatest hurdle while working with your team during the project and how did you overcome them?
  4. What do you know about cloud technology and define cloud computing?
  5. What is the advantage of using the cloud and how people used to deploy everything before cloud technology came into existence?
  6. What will you do if your computer hangs and does not respond at all?
  7. Why does a mobile or computer stop responding all of a sudden and how will you fix it?
  8. What are the first steps you will take before taking your mobile or computer to the service center if it does not respond and switches on and off continuously multiple times?
  9. What is machine learning and how people would make predictions before machine learning came into existence?
  10. What is the booting process in a computer?
  11. Where in the computer is the master boot record stored?
  12. What is the power of self-start?
  13. Which database have you used in your project?
  14. What are SQL and RDBMS?
  15. How will you install a new operating system on your computer? Have you ever installed an OS on your computer?
  16. How do you set the path of a new application on your computer and what is the use of it?
  17. Whenever we swipe a card in an ATM how the machine knows that it is you and from where does all the information related to your account and your details come? Where and how is this information stored?
  18. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  19. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  20. How will you work on your weaknesses?
  21. What do you know about DXC and why DXC?
  22. What are your interests?
  23. What if you get a role that you are not interested in?
  24. Would you like to ask any questions? (I had asked 2 questions: How was my interview and where do I need to improve? and How was your overall experience up-till now with DXC? )


  • Prepare well for the core subjects, at least get to know about the concepts. Focus more on what you write in your resume. Even if you couldn’t answer or explain some of the questions properly it’s okay do not to panic or bluff in front of the interviewer. Always try to ask some questions at the end. Also, focus more on making it a two-way communication rather than only one person speaking all the time. The interviewer will try to confuse you all the time, do not panic, and change your answer. Be strong on your answer but do not argue.
  • Try to write at least more than 350 words for the given topic as they focus more on communication and writing skills. My topic was “Discrimination between the rich and the poor (Reasons and solutions to this problem)”
  • Try to solve at least 2-3 questions as it highly increases your chances of selection.
  • The level of the questions was medium-hard. A daily practice can help crack it easily. (R S Agrawal and Indiabix can help a lot for practicing)
  • Some of my friends were asked to code, so focus on coding and data structure concepts too.

Hope this helped. All the best!

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Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2021
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