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DXC Technology Interview Experience for Associate Professionals (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2020
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It was an on-campus drive-by DXC technology for 2021 pass outs.

Round 1(Online Test on AMCAT): It consists of : 

  1. English Verbal ability: 12 QS 15 MIN
  2. Logical Reasoning: 14 QS 14 MIN
  3. Qualitative Aptitude: 16 QS 16 MIN
  4. Essay Witting on WRITEX: 1 TOPIC 20 MIN : (around 250 words)
  5. Computer Fundamentals: 12 QS 15 MIN
  6. Automat Fix: 7 QS 20 MIN

The test was adaptive. One question at a time. Cannot skip a question. Cannot go back to change answers.

Web proctored. No negative marking. Sectional cutoff applied.

ROUND 2(Virtual Interview): Platform used Smart Meet by AMCAT one on one interview was conducted. The interview duration was 30 minutes. Interviewer was very friendly and it was more like a conversation. He wanted me to drive the interview.

  1.  Tell me about yourself
  2. Explain your project
  3. Tell me about your achievements I also told him about my area of interest and subjects that interest me, but he did not ask anything about them.
  4. He asked me what subjects you have in your current semester. I was kind of blank for a second because I hardly took any classes during that semester. But I took 2-3 seconds and answered him 5-6 subjects. He asked me about 2 subjects from lot i.e. Information Security and Wireless Communication. 
  5. General questions like what you know about these subjects and why are they used.  Mention the topics that come under them. I could frame my answer in brief, talked about topics (not in details) with real-life examples and usage.
  6. Tell me about your strengths.
  7. Tell me about your co-curricular activities. I mentioned participation in hackathons and being part of several societies in college.  He was impressed. I also added about another project which I developed for a competition
  8. He asked me about what I did in the lockdown period. I mentioned learning DSA and working on programming skills.
  9. Asked me about online courses and certification. I said that I don’t believe in certifications. I have learned everything on my own through youtube videos and tutorials. Through his face, I understood that I need to cover up, so I mentioned my past certifications and training on Android app development and Machine Learning. Then he said it’s wonderful. I suggest you mention certifications because the interviewer needs to give you extra marks for that.
  10. Do you know about the latest technologies? I told him AI, ML, BlockChain, Cyber Security.
  11. Do you know about IoT? I said I have not studied about it but I told him all that I knew. I added about microprocessors, RaspberryPI, Smart Homes and Cities, Implementation on hardware devices, etc. He was quite satisfied with my answer and praised me.
  12. What is the OS? Which OS do you use and you have worked upon? I answered.
  13. Do you know any scripting language?
  14. Tell me about looping? I explained in depth about looping constructs.
  15. Are you ready to relocate?

Do you any questions for me?

I asked him about DXC training, work culture, career growth for freshers. He explained positively. Then I asked him if he could provide me with any feedback, to which he said that he cannot but frankly said that I did good and answered everything. He also added that he can’t wait to welcome me on board. I guess that was enough assurance he gave to me. 

After 15-20 days, the College received results.

Verdict: Selected

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