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DXC Technology Interview Experience for Associate Professional

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DXC Technology visited our campus on 11th July 2022 for an Associate Professional role .Everything was in online mode only. They had a pre-placement talk initially where they told about the company and the job role. 

Online Round: They conducted a test on the AMCAT platform. There were 5 sections.

  • Quantitative Section
  • Logical Reasoning
  • English (Verbal)
  • Essay Writing 
  • Completing the pseudocode

The Quantitative Section was very easy, There were 16 questions each in quants , logical and verbal and you can’t go back to the question once done. In Completing the pseudocode there was 7 code which was to be completed in 20 min. I completed 5 out of 7.

They give a topic to write an essay. My topic was “He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good leader” Write a response that describes the traits of a good leaders. To what extend do you agree with your statement? Explore the arguments for both for and against the statement.” They check your grammar as well as your English. This was the last section.

Each section had a sectional cutoff too. Results came on 12th July 2022 .Out of 248 candidates 75 were selected for next round that was Technical + HR interview. I was also selected in this round.

Interview Round: The interview was conducted on 14th July 2022. I was asked some basic questions. Such as: 

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Discussion about my project.
  • Write a program to check whether a no. is palindrome or not.
  • Explain Bubble Sort
  • Explain OOPs concept and give real life examples for each.
  • What do you know about DXC and why DXC?
  • Any Questions?

Try not to bluff the interviewer, If you don’t know anything don’t hesitate in accepting that and try to communicate fluently in English. I got selected in this round too. Results  came on 26th July 2022. This was my first job offer.

They ask simple questions only. Prepare according to your resume. Hoping the Best for your future. Thank you !!

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Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2022
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