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DXC Technology Interview Experience for Associate Professional (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2021
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Recruitment Process:

In this article, I will talk about the DXC Technology Test Pattern and Syllabus. In case you are searching for tips to break the Online Test Round of DXC Technology, this article will give you superior knowledge.

The recruitment process consisted of two phases for the selection:

  • Online Exam: 100 Minutes (AMCAT Exam)
  • Technical Interview
  • Personal Interview

About the Position: 

  • Education Qualification: Final Year, Bachelor of Technology in CS/IT/ECE.
  • Years of Experience: 0
  • Prior Experience: None (Fresher)
  • Title/Level: Associate professional- software engineer

Location: Noida (Delhi-NCR), Uttar Pradesh, India [But, currently WFH

Round 1: Online Test

Difficulty Level: LowThe Online Test of DXC Technology is a 100-minute test that is directed on the Aspiring Minds (AMCAT) stage. This year, the test is webcam administered. The entire layout of test is as follows:




Logical Reasoning



Quantitative Aptitude



Computer Programming MCQs



Automata Fix (Debugging, Code, Re-use, Coding)



Essay Writing (Write an Essay)



Some key points of this round:

  • It is a timed exam round
  • There is no negative marking in this round.
  • A question once answered cannot be revisited. (No switching allowed)

Detailed Syllabus Description for Round 1:

Here is the detailed syllabus covered in the DXC Technology recruitment process.

  1. English: Vocabulary, Error spotting, Reading comprehension, Sentence completion, Sentence improvement, Para-jumbles.
  2. Logical Reasoning: Coding and Decoding, Data Sufficiency, Direction Sense, Inequalities, Attention to Detail, Number Series, Analogy, Odd Man Out, Blood Relations, Data Arrangements.
  3. Quantitative Aptitude: Number System, Mixtures and Allegations, Time and Work, Percentages, SI and CI, Profit and Loss and Averages, Permutation, Combination, and Probability, Time, Speed and Distance, Logarithms, Simplifications.
  4. Computer Programming MCQs: Data Types, Compilation, and Execution Process, Arrays, Sorting, Looping, Class and Objects, Inheritance.

These are the topics, that possibly were there. The questions had the difficulty level as low. 
You could refer to the GeeksForGeeks Content and practice the questions, from the same. Almost all topics are covered, in detail there.
I cleared this round and got a mail for the Technical Interview Round.

Round 2: Technical Interview

Difficulty Level: High, For the technical round, you will receive a mail and have to be well prepared for everything being mentioned in your resume. This will include your college projects, training projects, and internships (if done any). This round lasted for me for about half an hour. 
Some of the questions that were asked from me included:

  • Explain your major project.
  • What are your favorite subjects?
  • What is the difference between Java and C++?
  • What is the difference between Abstraction and Interface? 
  • What is Polymorphism?
  • What is Encapsulation in Java?
  • What are the layers of the OSI model?
  • What is Android? Name its latest version and API Level. (As it was in my resume)
  • What is Thrashing? Why is it harmful?
  • Which operators are used for SQL pattern-matching?
  • What is ER Model? What is a derived attribute?
  • Give some advantages of DBMS.

These were some of the questions, I remember. Some others were based on my projects and internship experiences. I cleared this round and got a mail for the final Personal Interview Round.

Round 3: Personal Interview

Difficulty Level: Medium, The round took place on the MS Teams platform. It was for about 25 minutes, and all the questions were based on personality and how you analyze the world or view things. Some of the questions that were asked from me included:

  • Tell me something about yourself. (Interviewer’s favorite question)
  • Why did you choose our company?
  • Why did you want to be an engineer? 
  • What are your strength and weakness?
  • What is your dream job?
  • Are you available for a full-time position?
  • Will you relocate in the future?
  • Along with this a few scenario-based questions were also, asked from me. To state, a few these were like
  • How will you tackle a situation, if there is a conflict between your peers?
  • A lot of noise is coming from your neighborhood. How will you tackle the situation, so that relations, don’t worsen?
  • If you were asked to perform a task you’ve never done before, how will you do it?
  • You went to a place, and someone stole your belongings. How will you return to your homeplace now?
  • Describe to me a time when you made an error at work. 
  • How did you correct the mistake, and what did you learn from it?
  • How will you treat negative feedback?
  • These were the questions, that were asked. I cleared this round too. I was selected for this position and had received the Letter of Intent, for the position.

Prepare well, and be confident!! Best of luck!!
Do comment, if you have queries!!

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