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DXC Technology Interview Experience for Associate Professional

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DXC Technology came to our campus around the beginning of July 2022. I participated in the Recruitment process through the college drive. It provided a vacancy for Associate Professional with a Level 3 Job type.

Recruitment Process:

Pre-requisites: Resume in DXC format (not necessary in some cases)

Round 1: Online Assessment: Difficulty level – Easy. 

The test had a total 100 minutes duration, with questions mainly focused on –

DXC Exam SectionsNumber of QuestionsTime (minutes)
Computer Programming MCQ1215
WriteX pro (Essay Writing)1 Topic20
Automata Fix 720

Each section had a dedicated set of questions and a fixed time duration. It can be easily cracked through basic knowledge of the fundamentals and light practice. Although it is an elimination round, majority of the students were able to clear it.

Round 2: Technical Interview (Virtual): Difficulty level – Easy/Medium. 

In my personal experience, the interview was more HR inclined than technically discerning. Though I had to wait in the interview lobby for more than 2 hours, the interview process was much smoother. 

After the introduction, I was asked generic HR questions including my strength, weakness, future plans, challenges faced in life, a brief summary about DXC, and the usual why should we hire you? The only thing even remotely technical asked to me was, if I knew JavaScript and some questions about Cloud. 

However, some of my batchmates didn’t share a similar case and even had 20 to 30 minute interviews covering all topics, from fundamental OOPs to SQL query questions. Some were also urged to write codes by identifying the logic of the problem statement.

Letter of Intent: After the interview round, around 150 candidates were shortlisted and were set to receive the LOI from the company.

Offer Letter: Those who accept the LOI will be given the offer letters by the company.

In conclusion, it’s super easy to get through DXC’s recruitment if you have the basic skill set of a fresher, some core knowledge about fundamentals, communication skills, and proficiency in at least one language.

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Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2022
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