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DXC Technology Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2021

DXC Technology Campus Drive was held in the month of July 21 (For the batch of 2022 i.e final year students) for the full-time employees as Associate Professional-Software Engineering.

All rounds were held online.

ROUND 1: This was an Aptitude based exam with the following sections- Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Essay Writing, Computer Programming, and Coding Section(Automata Fix) and its platform was Amcat.

  • Apart from Automata Fix and Essay Writing all other sections were objective type(MCQs) and each section had limited time. Sample papers and preparatory material for this test are available online.
  • Automata Fix consists of 7 questions. These questions are debugging and coding-based questions. These questions were very basic.
  • It was an elimination round and only the students who cleared the test were invited for Technical+HR Round.
  • Candidates were asked to submit their resumes in DXC Format with this test.

ROUND 2: This was a mix of Technical and HR interviews. 

  • The interviewer asked me few general questions like “Tell me about yourself”, “Short term and long term goal”, “Are you willing to relocate”, “Do you have any gap in education or not”. 
  • After that, My interview is solely based on my projects. He asked me few questions related to my projects. 
  • At last, he asked me “Do you have any questions for me”. I asked him one question and after answering it my interview got over.
  • Some candidates were also asked to write the code in the editor. The interview was held on the Amcat SmartMeet platform.
  • The result was declared when all interviews were done and I got selected for the role of Associate Professional.

Verdict: Selected

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