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DXC Technology Interview Experience

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Company: DXC Technology

Campus Placements(2018-2022)

Round 1(Written Test): Quant, Verbal, Logical Reasoning, Programming MCQ, Automata Fix, Essay

  • There are 6 sections in the first round. Quant section has 16 questions to be 20 min. Verbal is also almost similar. 
  • In verbal, they ask to arrange sentences given in jumbled form, a few comprehensions and questions on it, grammar corrections. In logical reasoning, they ask NEWS(directions) questions and next number in the series.
  •  Programming MCQs cover concepts like c, java basics, data structures, DBMS, and OS.  
  • Essay section has a topic and you have to write 100-400 words on it. Automata fix is where they have error in codes and you have to debug them. In some cases, you have to write the logic too. There are 7 automata questions. Total exam time is 2 hours. 

Round 2(Interview Tech+HR): 30 min

  1. Self Introduction
  2. Java basics- Constructor vs Methods, OOPs concepts 
  3. SQL- Types of DBMS, select statements, indexing, asked to write a code to join tables
  4. Strengths and weaknesses
  5. How much do you rate your skills and communication.
  6. Any questions for me.

They generally cover topics like OS, CN basics, DBMS, Java, OOPS. If you just revise them, that would be enough. They can ask you to write code or tell logic for some coding questions. Revise sorting algorithms too.

Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2021
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