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DXC Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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Round 1: Aptitude Round

This round was conducted on the Amcat platform (only one question at once, cannot revert back to the previous question). There was no negative marking. There were multiple sections like:

  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Logical reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Write: we had to write about 450 on any given topic
  • Automata :Debugging

Round 2: Technical +HR interview round

  • After clearing this round we were selected for the interview round (DXC has a combined technical + HR round)
  • The interview started with the interviewer introducing himself and with some general questions related to the current situation and our everyday life then later shifted to technical questions.

My interview questions were:

  1. Is this your first interview?
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. What is data structure?
  4. Different types of data structures?
  5. What is an array? Example (real world)?
  6. What is a stack?
  7. What is a queue?
  8. Where can stack be implemented in a real-world scenario?
  9. Coding questions (He gave a scenario and based on the given scenario he asked me to code, the interviewer was looking at my approach to the question while solving it)
  10. Logical question on number series
  11. Verbal question on analogy   Cup : Lip :: Bird : ? A) GrassB) ForestC) Beak D) Bush
  12. Which is your native place?
  13. What is the name of your college and why did you choose this college?
  14. What are your long-term and short-term goals?
  15. Why DXC?
  16. Are you willing to relocate?
  17. Any questions? (I had asked 2 questions – a) how is your journey with DXC? b) how was my interview and where do I need to improve?)

I had answered all questions correctly except (question no 11 but I managed and explained why I had answered that option)  and coded on the given scenario which had impressed him because I had explained to him the code line by line after execution. The interviewer was strict. The interview lasted for approximately 20-22 minutes in which the conversation went 2 way throughout the interview. After 7 8 days I came to know from my college TPO that I got placed.

  • Make sure that your interviewer doesn’t get bored, always maintain the two communication. Read the company-related details before you appear for the interview. Be good in at least one coding language so that you would be able to code when the interviewer asks you to code.
  • Write: I wrote 450 words essay (The word limit was 200 to 450 words) My topic was – “Reality of Education System in India”.
  • Computer Fundamentals: The questions asked in this section are based on the operating system, DBMS, code debugging, predict the code output, data structures. This section plays an important role in your selection so keep practicing the above subjects.

552 students appeared for the aptitude round from which approximately 150 were selected for an interview, and finally, 87 got placed in DXC technologies.

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Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2021
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