Dunnhumby Interview Experience – Senior Web Developer

Round 1: A written round with 1 hr of time. It consisted of 30 objective questions followed by 2 coding questions(one from C# and another from java script). Objective Questions were mostly from C#, java script, few from Scrum terminologies. Below are the questions that I could recollect after the test:

  1. What are modal and non-modal interactions
  2. Hens, pigs, chickens terminologies(Scrum related)
  3. HTTP status codes
  4. Factory pattern
  5. Singleton pattern
  6. Order of filters (Authorization > Action > Result > Exception)
  7. Inversion of Control
  8. Fakes in C#
  9. Most questions were output based questions from C# and java script
  10. Coding Question: C# code to return the highest number possible from the combination of numbers in an array, and there were certain limitations which i don’t remember as i couldn’t solve it then, eg: if you have an array : [1, 23, 8, 100], your code should return 8231100
  11. Coding Question: C# java script code to find sum of all arguments passed, user can input any number of arguments, I solved it but I misunderstood the requirements of the question, eg:               sum(1)(2)() it should return 3, this example was given along with the question, means if any empty argument is passed function should consider as the end of arguments and then sum all the entered arguments and return the sum value.

Round 2: Although I couldn’t solve both the coding questions, I still cleared the written round. I was called for the interview. It lasted for about 30 mins. Questions were mostly from java script and React JS(as I was currently working on a React project)

  1. Hoisting in java script
  2. Closure in java script
  3. React Life Cycle methods flow
  4. Rest and spread operators and why it is needed
  5. Throttling
  6. Shallow and Deep Comparison
  7. Code for Fibonacci series
  8. Solid Principles in C#
  9. Complexity of Searching Sorting Methodologies
  10. There were some discussion on Questions from the written test paper.

Round 3: I couldn’t clear Round 2, so missed the opportunity for Round 3. Working on shortcomings so that someday I can clear all the rounds and I can post my experience with final selection 🙂

Hope my experience will give you little taste of what you should be expecting before going through the recruitment process. All the very best.

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