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DSA Internship Hiring Challenge For Freshers By GeeksforGeeks

Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2023
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Are you someone who’s passionate enough to grow a career in DSA? But couldn’t find a platform to proceed. No worries!!! GeeksforGeeks, have come up with a hiring challenge for all those who are good in DSA and can bring changes to solutions. DSA Summer Internship Hiring Contest – A hiring contest for DSA experts who is comfortable working with our review team and helping them in improving articles. 


The top participants will be hired for an in-office internship at GeeksforGeeks. And Wait, What about the rest participants? You’ll also get the opportunity to work with us as DSA Content Internship (Work From Home).

Contest Details

In this MTS Internship Hiring Contest, only individual participation is allowed. The participant should be well versed with DSA using Python/C++/ Java. 

  • No of Coding Questions: 3
  • Language Required: C++ or Java or Python
  • Time Duration: 90 minutes
  • Contest Date and Time: From 11th June at 7:00 PM IST to 11th June at 8:30 PM IST

Note (Shortlisting Process): Based on the leaderboard ranking, the top participants will be selected, and they will be contacted by our hiring team for further process.

Roles and Responsibilities of MTS Intern

  1. You will coordinate and work with the Technical Content Team(DSA) for creating and reviewing quality content for our website.
  2. Reviewing data structures and algorithms technical content, articles, codes, and other content to be published on our website.

Instructions For the Contest

  1. Languages supported for the contest: C++, Java, Python.
  2. Each submission will be tested based on our crucial test data.
  3. There is a 5% penalty for each wrong submission. For example, if a problem is 100 marks and a participant makes a wrong submission, his/her marks will be reduced to 95. After the next wrong submission of the same problem, his/her marks will further be reduced to 90.25 and so on. Therefore, it is suggested to use ‘Compile and Test’ against all sample test cases before each submission.
  4. Questions may have hints that can be used when you’re stuck in a problem. Marks are reduced on hints usage. 
  5. Please refrain from discussing strategy during the contest. All submissions are made to run through a plagiarism detector. Any case of code plagiarism found will reduce the score to 0 of the concerned participant.
  6. Make sure other participants don’t have access to your code. In case you are using an online coding environment, you are responsible for the privacy of your code.
  7. A plagiarism check is performed after the contest and may lead to modifications in the leaderboard. The decision made by the GeeksforGeeks team regarding plagiarism is finalized and cannot be contested. 
  8. It is advised to attempt the Sample Geeks Challenge to get familiar with the GeeksforGeeks coding environment. 

Note: Languages supported for the hiring contest are: C++, Java, and Python.

Again, this MTS Internship – Hiring Contest By GFG is going to be very fruitful for all the freshers from their career perspectives and can help them to get the desired job opportunity without any hassle! So, get ready for the contest and do participate in this DSA Internship Contest wholeheartedly!

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