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Druva Interview Experience, Pune
  • Last Updated : 25 Feb, 2020

Round 1: This was an Online test for 90 min this round contains 5 sections.

  • 5 Operating System concepts questions.
  • 5 Networking concepts questions.
  • 5 Database concepts questions.
  • 5 Output C based questions.
  • 3 Coding questions.
    • String decompression. A compressed string is given a2b3c5 which will decompress to “aabbbcccc”, an index is given.
      Eg:6. You need to return character from a decompressed string at that index. Answer:c. return -1 if you cannot find character
    • Matrices of students and subjects are given the need to find out maximum subjects a student can opt for.

Round 2: This was a face to face round for 90 min.

  • Tell about a recent project you are doing?
  • From given string “1123442”, find all substrings which can be palindromes. Substrings need not be present in palindrome itself, It needs to be re-arranged.
    Example: Palindrome substrings can be
      11, 131, 121, 11244, 11344, 1123211

    You need to code the solution then optimize your solution.

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