Drop login in SQL Server

The DROP LOGIN statement could be used to delete an user or login that used to connect to a SQL Server instance.

Syntax –

DROP LOGIN loginname;

Permissions :
The user which is deleting the login must have ALTER ANY LOGIN permission on the server.

Note –
A login which is currently logged into SQL Server cannot be dropped.

If you try to drop login which is currently using SQL Server, the DROP LOGIN statement will raise below error.

Drop failed for Login “loginname”

Let us assume, we have created below login:

WITH PASSWORD = ‘gEe@kF0rG##ks’; 

Below example shows how to use DROP LOGIN statement in SQL Server.

Example –

DROP LOGIN geeks; 

DROP LOGIN used in above example would delete the login called geeks from SQL server. This DROP LOGIN statement will only run if geeks is not the current user.

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