Droom Technology Interview Experience

First Round: Written test

20 MCQ’s where 10 are from C, data structure, DBMS, operating systems and 10 from general aptitude.

Second Round: Technical Interview-1

1) He asked about me and my long-term goals.

2) Asked about everything you have mentioned in resume(like projects, languages, etc)

3) Then asked about OOPS concept in detail with examples.

4) And some questions from operating system and DBMS

Third Round: Manager Round

1). He asked about me and why I want to join droom.

2). Then asked about basic concepts of programming languages.

3) Then he asked about my projects in detail.

4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years and what are my life goals.

Tip: Answer every question confidently even if you don’t know the exact answer.

I got the offer and like to thanks geeksforgeeks.

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