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Drishti-Soft Solutions Interview | Set 6 (On-Campus)

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DrishtiSoft came to our college. Here is my interview experience. There were total 5 rounds.

Round 1 (3 hours):
     section 1:
         30 Aptitude questions.
     section 2:
         2 coding problems:
             1.Given mathematical expression in form of string.Evaluate this expression.
             2. given five types of mirror having some reflecting edges and are placed in n*m matrix and a direction from which light can incident on the matrix. you have to find the total cells which will be in the dark.(hint: use dfs in all the directions).
         1 debugging problem:
             min cash flow problem from geeksforgeeks.
         1 designing problem:
             we were given a functionality to implement and some functions were already implemented. we have to read the code and to complete the
             2 functions.(problem at the first sight seems to be hard but give it a try as it was the simple one).

     out of 190 21 were selected.

Round 2 (1 hour) :
     It was debugging round. we have to debug the rat maze problem of geeksforgeeks.

     out of 21 13 were selected.

Round 3 (5 hour):
     It was a Designing round.
     In this they had made a server which manipulates the conversation between the sender and the receiver. we have to make the code which can fix
     this bug but we cant change anything in the server.
     after fixing the bug we were asked about the networking concepts which can be applied to this problem.

     out of 13 6 were selected.

Round 4 (2 hour):
     First they started the discussion about OS. all the concepts related to process synchronization, critical section problem. Asked to write
     the code about producer consumer problem. Concepts related to memory management .

     After this they started discussion related to my projects.(whether they know about the project or not they will come up with a question
     which you haven’t thought while making your project so be well prepared with your project).

     out of 6 4 were selected.

Round 5 (30 min):
     It was HR round. there was only general discussion and some standard HR questions.

PS:If you want to clear Drishtisoft interview geeksforgeeks wont be enough as there were only two questions asked from this.It is programming
skills which can help you to sail through this. 🙂

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Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2015
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